Sun damaged skin treatment and sun spot removal

The ultra-violet rays of the sun not only speed up the aging of skin but also expose it to the very real threat of skin cancer.

Unfortunately, often in our lives we find ourselves outdoors and exposed to the sun's rays voluntarily or otherwise.

At Homepeel, we try our utmost to treat and reverse the effects of sun damage and spots using our sun spot removal and sun damaged skin treatments.

The signs of sun damage are varied; 

  • Leathery layers of skin after soaking up UV rays; Mild pain and the skin feels hot when touched. It also turns red. UV rays only affect the outermost layer.
  • Swelling and redness
  • Other signs of sun damage and spots are wrinkles. When UV light damages skin fibers called elastin. Causing sagging, uneven skin tone (when too much sun causes permanent changes in some small blood vessels and makes you look reddish) and freckles.


It’s a fairly common occurrence to find sun damaged skin treatments that instead of treating the problem only serves to make it bigger.

The best treatment for sun-damaged skin should be able to treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms.

For example, a sun spot remover, rather than just specialize in removing sun spots should also be able to provide protection to ensure that you don’t get any new sun spots (pigmentation). For example products that include melanin inhibitors (like our Pigmentation Serum).

Homepeel has always been extra careful when developing sun damaged skin treatment. With the right research and motivation, we came up with the best treatment for sun-damaged skin on face and treatment for sunspots;

  • Retinol serum: Helps with skin cell regeneration to tighten your skin, stimulates blood flow reducing that reddish effect on skin and putting your skin tone on the right path to be even again.
  • Green herb skin peel: If you would like a sun spot removal option that will also expedite the skin’s natural exfoliation process from the standard 28 days to as low as 5 days, maybe you could try our Green herb skin peel. This peel contains salicylic acid which helps to loosen the bonds that hold that leathery skin together. It breaks it down faster and allows new and fresh skin to emerge instead. The Green herb skin peel comes with much less irritation than many similar products.
  • Fortnightly fruit peel: Comes with convenience galore and absolutely no downtime. Used every two weeks, this peel is intended to help those who might use for example the Green herb skin peel but would also like to cheat off the 5 day downtime. If one must make an important appearance somewhere, they could just pick a fruit of their choice and add it to our lotion. It will remove dead skin and improve skin texture instantly.
  • Vitamin C Skin serum: is another sun spot treatment that is useful in the production of elastin to counter the damage it incurs from sun exposure. One will also find it very useful in protecting the collagen in the skin, fading fine lines, and breaking up and washing away dead skin cells.

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