Skincare Testimonials

  • I personally love your horse placenta rose hip oil serum that u sent me a while back.

    I was hesitant to use it at first but after researching the ingredient (horse placenta ) and using the product it is the best serum I have used and will repurchase it when it runs out .

    I think horse placenta isn’t as widely publicised as say a vitamin C or the aha ‘s which probably explains my friends reactions when I told them about your serum -they were surprised and turned their noses up at the idea of using horse placenta in a serum ,but I love it and I believe it works better than the $300 products out there .

    -Suzan Roberts

  • This peels results truly surprised me. It exactly does what it promises it will do… I have had professional peels earlier and have spent a fortune on them. The Green Herb Peel is such a fantastic product with awesome ingredients and so convenient to do at home at your time. Awesome support and such prompt and personal responses to all my so many queries before, during and after my peel. I am a fan forever of not just the product but also the founder Jodie. Thanks so much. I love my new born skin 🙂


  • Goodbye tired looking skin. Hello skin that looks like I’m a mum that somehow gets 8 hours sleep nightly. I was skeptical about this brand but so far I’m fairly happy.


  • A little goes a long way with this serum…I use it morning and night…it’s nice and light and so easy to use…a must in your skin care routine!!!

    -Lisa Miller

  • Dear Jodie

    I decided to go all out and I bought ur entire product range. I have never cared much for my skin and thought it is time.

    The results have been transformational.
    And even better, it was instantaneously!

    My goal was to achieve that duey glow look.
    After I did your chemical peel, within 10 days I had that.

    And I have been using the full range of serums and creams. The first time I used? my skin was so soft and smooth like I have never experienced.

    I Just wanted to reach out and say thank you.
    These natural products are the real deal and given I am impatient I loved the immediate and long lasting results


  • Dear Jodie

    I just wanted to give you feedback on the fantastic homepeel product. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself. The first time I tried it, it was hot and I had started to sweat so it did not work. This time i waited until cooler weather and wow it really does work. I slightly exfoliated first and then massaged as per directions. I had 5 days of school holidays so I spent 4 days painting my youngest son’s room. Then on the 5th day I steamed and my peely flakely skin revealed my new fresher complexion. My skin is gorgeous. I have acne scars, freckles and age lines but literally my skin looks the prettiest it has ever looked. I will be continuing the peeling process next holidays and I will be recommending this to friends. Skin has two sides and this deals with the external and homelight skin rejuvination devices can take care of the inside. Thank you so much for developing this vital but cost effective product. I am a single mum, social work undergraduate student and a waitress so I don’t have the money for the more invasive procedures. I also really like the fact that I could hide at home when I did not look too pretty. Once again, what a remarkable product and Thank you. Regards Josephine Leyden, a now life long user of Homepeel.*

    -Josephine Leyden

  • This is a great at home product. I have had several green peels over the years and lots of skin treatments/microdermabrasion etc so I had an idea of what I was in for. The first time was successful, however, getting a hang of the application was interesting…I still peeled lightly and was happy with the results. However, my second time was a great success…this time I had more idea regarding the application and for me, on this occasion, I straight away did a reapplication of the herbs and really rubbed in to me skin and hello burn…and this made me happy…it was quite intense and felt just like I had in the salon when rubbing it in and I had a really great result this time around and peeled quite a bit. I can’t wait to have another go later in the year as the results were terrific. I thank you for this product and for it being affordable…it helps me look after myself now. I highly recommend this product. My biggest tip would be to just take the time to not only read the instructions but go through all the comments/questions/reviews for tips….I found this to really helpful for me.


  • First let me start by saying shipping was very fast and I received great customer service throughout. I also received a follow up email personally from (Ram) stating when my product should be delivered.. loved that. The kit you would think doesn’t really look like a lot of product at first, but honestly a little goes a long way. I’ve done about 2 peels so far since I gotten the product and it hasn’t even reached half way as yet. The process of the peel is not quite comfortable, but that is the point in order to peel. I would say the results I have gotten within 5 day period and on my second peel are definitely amazing! First time I did the peel I actually peeled within a period of 3 days and my second peel took 5 days, but still had a bit out flaking for 2 days though it was light! Though the process isn’t the best, but the results itself after you peel are outstanding and well worth it. I would rate this peel a 5/5 definitely will be repurchasing again!

    -Samantha H

  • After many years with skin problems such as acne, I feel I have finally found a skincare company that will help reverse some of the damage on my face. The greenpeel is great value and does just as good, if not better, than a peel done in a salon. The instructions are easy to follow and the results have been great so far. The fortnight peel is also very beneficial for my face. I have only used it a few times, but have received many compliments about my faces “glow” afterwards. Can’t wait to see the improvement in my skin and therefore my self confidence as I continue to use these products.

    -Tomás Divilly

  • I tried the greenpeel last year and thought it was terrific. It did exactly what it said it would do. It was simple to use and I was surprised that it didn’t hurt. I have typical pigmentation from the sun as I live in Australia and have fair skin. I found this worked really well. It renewed my skin. I am just waiting for a few spare moments in my life so I can do another one!*


  • Absolutely love this product! It is a brilliant exfoliant when mixed with the crystals honestly leaves your skin feeling so so soft best I’ve used so far…I have open pores with slightly oily completion it feels that great I have to remember not to over do it especially as it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dried out afterwards!

    -Lisa Miller

  • I m using homepeel’s retinol serum from last month and it is really good and genuine….. worth the money I spend….

    -Ritu sangwan

  • Had an in salon herbal peel series done some years ago and was looking to revamp my skin. Decided to try this as an alternative to doing so as I live a few hours from the closest salon – Am on to my 3rd peel and noticing a steady improvement in the look and feel of my skin. Have even recommended it to my sister and friends now we are reaching our 50’s to help stop the clock!!*

    -Anne Foster

  • I have only done one peel (out of 3) and so far I really love it. I have pigment I am working on and this has certainly helped! An overall smooth finish and noticeably smaller pores. Day 2-4 is hard and you are convinced that you will stay dry and dull forever HOWEVER when you steam it all off the results are amazing. I also love the vitiman E serum. Well done!*


  • I am really happy to have found Homepeel. The products offered are of great quality and very reasonably priced. I really love the way the products are listed under the conditions people might want to tackle as the array of products can be overwhelming if you don’t know what might work for you. Keep up the wonderful work!*


  • I was very impressed with my Home Peel Delivery. I was told when my parcel would arrive. It was so quick and arrived on time. My queries were answered promptly and I feel this company is a real example of excellent public service.*

    -Janine Matthews