Causes & signs of face wrinkles

Wrinkles come as we continue to age. It is a natural process that the skin cells start to divide more slowly than usual and the dermis (skin’s inner layer) starts to thin. These two conditions cause the skin to begin to stop stretching and it gradually loses its structure and becomes wrinkled.

Further, the wrinkling process is assisted by the skin’s continuing inability to make more oil or hold onto moisture. In the end, even the healing process becomes much slower.

At Homepeel, efforts to reduce wrinkles have yielded wrinkle removal products that reverse the above scenarios and cause the skin to function like youthful skin. The wrinkle treatments available aid in the skin in retaining moisture and structure, making oil and faster healing.

Anti wrinkle treatments at Homepeel are:

  • Retinol serum: Its skin cell regeneration capabilities mean that with every new, regenerated skin cell, youth is restored. Retinol’s ability to increase collagen production ensures that the skin is rich in proteins even for smokers (smoking reduces the body’s capacity to produce collagen). Retinol repairs sun-damaged skin and tightens skin pores and this makes wrinkles less visible.
  • Green Herb Skin Peel: The Green Herb Skin Peel expedites the skin’s natural exfoliation process by shedding away old skin and replacing it within 5 days. The dull and leathery look of the skin gives the appearance of aging as a result of sun and free-radical exposure. The new skin resulting from exfoliation is essentially a new start- and youth. An unmatched wrinkle remover.
  • Fortnightly Fruit Peel: This lotion allows one to add a fruit of his/ her choice to it. A fruit rich in Vitamin E or other anti-aging vitamins would come in handy as its addition to the lotion would not only give an instant glow, but also exfoliate the skin and tighten its structures.
  • As far as increasing the thickness of the dermis, AHA is one of the best anti wrinkle treatment available. This thickening of the dermis (inner skin layer) expedites the healing process. Further, AHA increases the skin elasticity and removes dead skin layers, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C serum is efficient in increasing skin elasticity, and inhibiting free-radicals damage to the skin. Further, by protecting the skin’s collagen, it ensures that the skin’s protein is well stocked for a healthy skin. Vitamin C also breaks down and washes away dead skin cells leaving new skin to grow.
  • Vitamin B serum: Improves the structure of the skin’s outer most layer (epidermis) thereby increasing its resistance to free radical damage and wrinkles. It also increases the production of collagen- an important part of the skin’s structure and without which the skin grows weak and wrinkled. By increasing collagen and elastin, Vitamin B firms and tones the skin.
  • Vitamin E is important in prevention of cellular skin damage by slowing down the effect of free radicals. It further protects the elastin and collagen produced by the body, massively boosting the skin’s wound healing capabilities. Its skin cell renewal and moisturisation capabilities ensure that the skin stays youthful. It’s also great for activating other vitamins in the body. This ensures that the skin has a steady supply of the vitamins needed for its vitality, health and youth.

The impressive array of serums at was developed with the skin’s protection in mind. The best wrinkle treatment must have the capacity to protect the natural properties of the skin while being hard to external attacks. The skin is the body’s first line of defense against external attacks.