How to treat stretch marks

All you need to know about stretch marks

Our skin is our main priority to us women, although it can be hard to feel happy in our own skin when we suffer from various scars, wrinkles and marks.

Coming second to cellulite, stretch marks are one of the most common skin problems that women try to hide.

The stomach, thighs, buttocks and breasts are the highly affected areas of the body caused by stretch marks.

Various creams, oils and treatments are claimed to improve the appearance of stretch marks. But how well do they work? We’ve put together an article outlining how you can improve the appearance of your stretch marks and which treatments truly work best for unparalleled results.

The explanation behind stretch marks

Stretch marks are common during the teenage years of your life. They’re streak-like stripes on the skin which are normally red or pink in colour, slowly fading to white or grey when the blood vessels in the skin contract.

As skin can’t bounce back, when it’s stretched to its elastic limit and the fibers and blood vessels break in the skin dermis- a pinky red colour will start to appear.

When skin is stretched in this way, its permanently scarred - meaning no treatment can actually completely rid of them; simply improve them. These scars can also be referred to as stria or striae. These unwanted marks are normally visually long and thin and appear where large amounts of fat is stored.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are also influenced by pregnancy, bodybuilding and puberty.

Due to the scars being caused by a tear in the dermis- the middle tissue layer which helps skin maintain its shape- this is what causes the skin to remain stretched.

As the tear in the skin's dermis is scarred in the deep layers of your skin, it’s very different to the average scar caused by an external wound. 

Most treatments do not work on stretch marks and certainly do not get rid of them completely, no matter what a label says.

What treatments actually work for stretch marks and how can you reduce the likeliness of them appearing?

A few simple steps to maintaining healthy skin is to stay hydrated to take in the essential nutrients and vitamins skin needs.

A yo-yo diet is not recommended, so sticking to a balanced diet and healthy weight will surely keep your skin looking pristine.

Using oil such as rosehip oil, avocado oil and argon oil on your skin is ideal for improving scars and reducing stretch marks. Other oils such as coconut, mink, olive, vitamin E and lavender oil work wonders for improving skins pigmentation and reducing the appearance of stretch marks too.

Our gentle Vitamin E Serum works on improving skin's collagen production and elasticity to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and improving skin's natural glow.

Other natural remedies to try on the skin include:

  1. soothing aloe vera
  2. rich source of protein - egg whites
  3. naturally acidic lemon juice
  4. natural white sugar and potato juice which is full of vitamins and minerals.

Once these individual mixtures are applied to the affected areas, continuously rub it into the skin and wash off with water. These traditional, natural approaches to stretch marks are perfect for those who are worried about taking the steps to medical procedures. Worth a try! 

Professional treatments for stretch marks

Professional treatments such as skin needling and dermarolling are used to treat prominent stretch marks.

Laser therapy is another treatment to consider when you’re trying to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Although treatments such as pulsed dye laser are not able to completely cure the marks, it is a painless procedure that can be done during the early stages of your stretch marks and significantly improve their appearance.

The laser’s energy is consumed by the blood vessels when they’re still red or purple to collapse them and transform them to a white colour.

Another laser stretch mark removal treatment to consider uses a light beam to remove a thin layer of skin where the stretch marks are and interfere with the molecule bonds to disintegrate the skin tissue, allowing a new layer of healthy skin to form. This process is called ablation.

Homepeel's Placenta Serum for treating stretch marks

Homepeel's Placenta Serum is also a treatment that can be used in the comfort of your own home that is designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks by using our innovative derma roll application.

The dermaroller used for application of the serum contains extremely fine needles that allow the treatment to fully penetrate the skin and work deep into the skins layers.

The derma roll stimulates skins collagen which improves skin's elasticity and improves the appearance of stretch marks. 

Love your stretch marks

All in all, there's no need to let stretch marks make you feel self conscious about yourself. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Everybody may gain stretch marks some point in their life. It’s understandable to find it hard to look past your flaws and imperfections but remember, you deserve to feel good about your body.