Skincare Testimonials

  • I just wanted to let you know that I have had the most amazing results from your green peel kit I ordered recently! After just 4 days my old skin is peeling away to reveal the most amazing perfect skin I have ever seen on my face. I must admit it was a bit of a scary process (the first peel I have ever tried) & I have looked pretty shocking for the last few days – but so worth it! My melasma (which I have suffered from for 5 years now since having my first child) and also my old acne marks are virtually gone after just one treatment. I am truly amazed as I have tried soooo many different products on my skin but none have really had much effect. Thank-you so much for developing such an awesome product – I am really very impressed! I will be telling all my friends about it!*


  • In the middle of my third peel Good result so far. Exfoliated in the morning and really rubbed in the herbs in the afternoon.

    I was just wondering how long after I complete the peel can I use the following Trilogy booster capsules which contain the ingredients fisted below:

    Macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, tamanu oil, blackseel oil, rose geranium oil, frankincense oil, lavendar oil, lecithin, Co-enryme Q10, retinynl palmitate (vitamin A). You use two capsules morning and evening for one month.*


  • I purchased a green peel from you a couple of months ago. I did one peel and nothing happened. I did a second Peel which was quite intense and when really well, it was great. I am just wondering how long I need to leave between peels as I would like to do a third one but when the time is right of course.*


  • I love your product! The grit level is perfect and the creamy formula is to die for! Your customer service rocks! I love it love it love it, and can’t wait to get the homepeel too!!!*

  • I bought my first kit off you about 3 weeks ago, firstly used it on my neck and declottage with good results. The following week i did my face and neck and declottage. With probably better results…Noticed the flaky skin. But microscopically, not visible… am wondering it i can use this more often than the recommended 5 weeks you suggest?

    I don’t mind the face wash although I am used to using a milk. but for the once only for the peel. that is fine. I think the herbs and the solution are the key products. They really made my skin red and hot, and stingy. But after showering off it was fine, the nourishing cream I like. But I have also used heaps of good nourishing (natural) night creams, the recovery oil. I suspect had olive oil in it. and the barrier cream. l could have just used Vaseline.

    They are just some guidelines in case you want to trim down the kit. But I am definitely sold on the peel. In fact it think it has done a better job than the two peels I had at a salon, and paid $120 each for….so again I am sold and will recommend it to whoever next asks about my skin. l

    was told the other day I look ten years younger… . .what a compliment!

    So good luck for the future and keep up the good work.*

  • New look website – there’s so much to see and read about and its very user friendly too.

    Furthermore I have used your product and I have found it to be great – love the smell and my skin feels

    Sooo smooth and refreshed afterwards that I feel I have been to a salon only a dam sight cheaper!!!

    I look forward to receiving the sample and trying out some more!

    Many thanks*


  • Just saw the new website, loved it, good info about products, I have purchased your products, green herb skin peel and love that good on ya Jodie, keep up the great work and will definitely do business with you again. Have tried the flakey skin remover and like that too. Have great day*


  • I absolutely loved it! Left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth! The only thing I didn’t like was that it got over so quick  Amazing product!*


  • Just watched your video, you have nothing to worry about it looks great.

    Bought Homepeel a few months ago, quite amazed with results. As a lot of other women, thought in salon peels were expensive & wanted the option of doing it at home. I was a little sceptical at first & nervous, however I am most impressed with how quickly & easy the products were to apply. The results are truly amazing. I thought my skin was a little sun damage & congested, however after the peeling process was complete I could not believe the difference it had made my skin appear. Beautiful & smooth, the skin tone even, no more ruddy complexion.

    Thank you Jodie.

    Saw the article in the magazine of the flakey skin remover. Congratulations.*


  • Thanks for the sample. It was great.

    I think my skin would really benefit from the green peel, can you tell me how it would compare to 3 TCA peel (12.5%).

    I have some acne scarring. Have tried a few TCA peels with little results.

    Thanks again


  • Last year I bought a green peel kit from you. I am really happy how it works. I wanted to ask if you could sell me a package of only 3 items instead of the whole kit because I still have large leftovers. I would need Green Herbs, Green Herb Lotion, and Marine Cream.*


  • I bought a kit of you a few months or so back. Results are great and very happy with product. I have found that while I have a heap of wash herbs and acid left, that there is not enough of the nourishing cream. I after a large jar of this as well as a jar of Flakey Skin Remover. Do you have these together at all?*


  • After buying numerous expensive exfoliates, cream and serum that all pre-claimed to diminish pigmentation, reduce fine line and in a nutshell work miracles. I soon discovered that none of these products were ever going to actually live up to their outlandish claims.

    As someone who buys a lot of beauty products, I wasn’t asking for much, just a peel, exfoliant or cream that would actually work – something that would help my pigmentation and full complexion. Yes, I could have gone to my local beauty salon but I can’t afford the exorbitant prices for a one-off peel.

    I then decided to explore the internet and search for that elusive “it-actually-works” skin care product. I came upon the Green Herb Skin Peel Kit. It looked and sounded great and the accompanying before and after peel pictures looks authentic. But I was uncertain – would it really work? Or was it just another gimmick? After all $149.00 was a lot of money to throw away!

    So it was the trepidation and scepticism that I brought the kit, thinking that it would be my very last expensive skin care buy. As soon as the kit arrived I tried the peel. And much to my amazement it actually worked! A few days later my skin looked as good as it did when I was in my twenties!

    Thank you Jodie for delivering a product that actually works! From now on I am a committed buyer. And please can you include some more product line!

    Best Wishes*

    -Vivienne Nivienne

  • I bought the Green Herb Skin Peel a little over a year ago and was somewhat unsuccessful the first time I used it as my skin must have been too hardy (it never peeled). I tried it for the second time one week ago, this time with a “peel-booster” by exfoliating my skin the night before and again a few hours before I did the peel.

    This time it worked! My skin was quite tight for a few days and it began to flake around my nose and chin on the third, fourth and fifth days. On the morning of the sixth day, I steamed my face and rubbed vigorously with the Recovery Oil, then left it for the day. I could still feel rough patches where the old skin hadn’t yet peeled off yet. Before I went to bed that night (about 12 hours after steaming and using the Recovery Oil), I did an at-home microdermabrasion (I have an at home kit), which was successful in removing all the old skin and rough patches. I put on the Recovery Oil overnight and woke up this morning absolutely DELIGHTED with the results!

    I have battled with acne all my life, and while I still have scarring on my chin, there is such a radical difference in my previously uneven skin tone, rough skin, pigmentation and enlarged pores overall, particularly on my forehead, nose and cheeks. My skin is so much softer and smoother, my skin tone is lighter and more even, scars have reduced, my pores look smaller (and cleaner! I had so many tiny blackheads across my nose and cheeks and they look like they have pretty much gone). I will definitely try the peel again to continue to reduce the scarring on my chin.

    I am so happy, and just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating such a life changing and affordable product!! I would definitely recommend your product to anyone, and am going to give it to my Mum to try!

    -Lara Emery

  • Great, Thank you. I do love the result that it gives after the peel and the products are so easy to use. *


  • I loved it. It made my skin incredibly smooth and soft after one use. I would like to order but would rather order through you direct rather than eBay.*

    -Lisa Spaulding

  • I just wanted to say what a fabulous product Homepeel is!

    I had quite bad sun damage on my upper cheeks which has now totally vanished just after one treatment! It was less painful than a chemical peel but equally as effective!

    I am over the moon with this product and my friends say my skin now looks glowing. I will definitely be recommending the product and excellent customer service I received personally from you to my friends and family.

    All the best.*


  • Yes I have received the Homepeel, thanks. What a great product! Tried it on Tuesday and looking forward to some peeling action in the next two days.

    Also just a suggestion, the user guide is not very well set out, it’s little too cramped with all the next and use of small font. It’s the only thing that detracts from your fabulous product.

    Great dealing with you. Will keep an eye on your page for other skincare items. *