Skincare Testimonials

  • I found the Green Peel to work wonders on my skin. However I did have to try it a couple of times. The outer layer of my skin is quite tough & I had to prepare my skin in a different way to get the most out of the Peel . It is trial and error. But I would recommend not giving up the first time if you get no benefit. Jodie was a great help & gave me instructions to prepare my skin so I was able to get the most benefits. I have very stubborn pigmentation & whilst some of it has been coming merely lifted there are some patches which I will need to go over again. But the rest of my skin is a lot smoother & and have been receiving a lot of compliments. I have tried many peels, some actually do more damage to your skin because they actually burn the skin & leave you with more scars…But the one thing I will say about the green Peel is do not pick at the peeling skin. It gets annoying but if you Peel it prematurely you will not get the best result. I did this as I had bits of skin hanging off my face. But It meant that some of the pigmentation didn’t lift as it was not ready too. So all in all I give the green Peel an 8 out of 10. It’s a shame they don’t have a body Peel as it doesn’t work on he body. But I will continue to use it as it’s much cheaper than laser. I’m have had laser done as well but because of my tough skin it takes a lot more than one session to work on my pigmentation & at $300 to $400 for a full face each time, the green Peel is much more cost effective.*


  • it is indeed a pleasure to show you,yet another successful peel.

    My peel are occurring faster than before,I get a full peel now after 2 days,I mean,where the dead skin is 85-90% peeled off,when I awake the 2nd or 3rd day after the peel.

    My skin was TERRIBLE,full of hyperpigmentation,and have practically tried everything,they all work maybe after 3 to 6 months and included frequent clinic visits,and was even told my skin damage is permanent by a dermatologist in a prestigious Beauty Hospital in Malaysia.

    I’ve sent the doctor my photos,he has asked my to come in to Malaysia for a visit,as he cannot believe the new young condition of my face AND neck.

    Thank you again,for this miracle and gift of health,the natural way.

    I will spread the word.


  • I am having grateful results already in just a few weeks I will be purchasing again*

    -Annie lee

  • i have been very happy with home peel. they have offered great advice and a great product with fast customer service. I have purchased and used the serums and am due to update my stash as i have got through them. keep up the good work!*


  • All the products I have bought from Homepeel have been wonderful. I love both the fruit peel and the green peel. My skin is looking so much fresher and glowing.*


  • Used the retinol serum. My skin looks smooth after 1 months use

    -Neela Mohamed

  • I had a good result from the peel. As indicated on instructions be wary of sensitive areas on your face. and definitely leave it on for the required time stipulated. I’ve used it once, but plan on using it again being more experienced in a couple of months time. To be used with caution, as it is an invasive peel. Aftercare is vital to the overall result. customer service was fantastic! Postage / delivery to South Africa was a pleasure. Thank you*


  • As someone who gets laser and microdermabrasion I’m very happy with this product so far. I did the green peel and only left it for a short time but still had a small amount of peeling. I have been using the pigment pack serums and am very happy with my skin. Will be using the dermanbrasion on the weekend. Very happy!*

    -Jodee Pollard

  • I have had professional Green Peels and this is just as good as the professional treatments. My pigmentation and size of the pores has reduced dramatically. Will continue to use.*

    -Antonietta Di Pietro

  • Love the fruit peel. It is comparable to a salon peel and obviously costs much less. My makeup goes on smoother and my skin is glowing after. Love love love it!!*

    -Verified Customer

  • Love the products i ordered! I took the Derma Roller and the Greenpeel. Used the Derma Roller and gave my skin some weeks to rest. Then i applied the greenpeel and i have to say my skin looks great! I notice my friends telling more often now that my skin is really thight and smooth. I’m happy with Homepeel. Thank you!*

    -Roy E

  • Fruit peel works fabulously to reduce marks from previous acne. Clears pores and reduces pore size. Just purchased the vitamin c booster and so far so good. I haven’t had any acne and my pores are looking smaller.*


  • I’ve done every peel known to man!! And I will have to say this is by far the best I’ve done. I didn’t get it right the first time I did it, but I was then able to read my skin better. Second attempt was awesome, not to painful, skin peeled well and left it looking youthful, glowing, tighter and younger. Jodie has the best customer service, and the whole experience was seamless. Oh and the Lambs placenta is fantastic. I’m so impressed with the products, keep it coming Jodie Culpin, you are truely amazing .*

    -Deanne Peterson

  • Excellent product. Some years ago I had the original Greenpeel at a salon which was fabulous. When I saw the homepeel greenpeel I had to try it. I have to say I’m very impressed with the product and results. Additionally staff very helpful and promptly reply to email questions.*


  • I bought the green herb peel from homepeel. I have pigmentation I followed the instructions and advice from Jodie have used it a couple of times must say my skin is looking heaps better highly recommend it due for my next peel can’t wait. The product and service is amazing thank you Jodie.


  • I reside in SA. Purchase and delivery was a great experience. I required info before hand, which was sent promptly. The green herbal peel I purchased I have used once and found the result I was expecting on reading the instructions etc. all in all, I will purchase another once this one has finished. and will probably try other products on next order.*