Which cleansers and exfoliators are being banned and why?

Which cleansers and exfoliators are being banned and why?

Without realising it, the beauty industry has been sending billions of tiny plastic microbeads

These microbeads are typically used in skincare products to create the roughness to slough dead skin cells off - in other words they are in cleansers and exfoliators. 

A report has recently been completed shows how these plastic microbeads are highly toxic to fish.

But the scariest part of this story is that scientists have discovered that these plastic beads can now pass through the gut into the fish flesh.

What this means is that were are eating these highly toxic beads: 30% of the gut of a mullet they pulled out of Sydney Harbour was toxic plastic microbeads.

The good news

Homepeel’s Enzyme Cleansing Kit is:

  • Toxin-free and microplastic free
  • Vegan
  • Uses strong natural enzymes that eat dead skin cells away
  • Natural exfoliating crystals that won't harm anyone (or any fish!)
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Ethical
  • Last ages
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Just all-over brilliant! 

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