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About me and Homepeel

Hi, I’m Jodie. I’m the owner and founder of Homepeel. I started Homepeel over 10 years ago, back then people were getting intense five-day skin peels done at beauty salons, which were quite expensive. I approached one of Australia’s leading skincare manufacturers and asked if we could we make a skin peel for home use.

Two years later we perfected it, yes it took two years to develop this product with me as the guinea pig. A funny story, when it finally worked – after 7 attempts, it happened to fall on me attending my cousin’s 21st with all my face falling off that day!! I was kind of excited and a little bit embarrassed at the same time, but I was telling everyone: “It’s my product, my skin is peeling off, and this is great!”
Yes, so that was 10 years ago, and we’ve been selling it all over the world since!

How to make a heavy metal detox smoothie

Today I’m going to show you how to create a smoothie that I’m loving at the moment, it’s a heavy metal detox smoothie. It’s come to my attention that taking the heavy metals out of our body is as important as nourishing our bodies. David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, is a huge guru in the nutrition industry. He says that it’s more important to take the toxins out of your body than it is to nutrify it. This is why I’m making it in the most organic way possible, to reduce the toxins. If you can’t access organic produce, just wash conventional produce really, well with bicarb soda and vinegar.

Firstly, I add good handful of coriander to the blender. And then the hero of the smoothie - organic wild blueberries. ‘Medical Medium’ is a book that I’m obsessed with at the moment, Anthony William talks about wild blueberries like they’re sent directly from God, like a miracle God-food. He says that these little babies travel all over your body, know exactly where to go and where to fill in the problems or to heal. It’s amazing. Since I’ve been doing this particular smoothie, along with my celery juice, every single morning, amazing things have happened to me. I know that my liver is completely healed - I’ll go into more details about that some other day.

In my smoothie I have wild blueberries, a banana, coriander, a teaspoon of barley grass juice extract, a teaspoon of spirulina and hemp oil - I absolutely adore this hemp oil it provides Omega 3, 6 and 9’s, all in the perfect ratios that we need for our body. It’s totally vegan -you don’t have to hurt any fish to get this stuff, its organic, it’s got no nasties, it’s fabulous for our brain, it’s awesome for our skin. It’s just sent from God! I add a little bit of organic apple juice in my smoothie, and I also add filtered water. Blend away.

You wouldn’t think that coriander and blueberries would be a great combination, but it is beautiful!

Before I finish off, I just want to talk about the celery juice. Every single morning, I take a whole celery and I juice it in my juicer, drink it on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes before I have anything else.
When you do this is you’re increasing the hydrochloric acid in your stomach which helps you break down, digest and absorb nutrients. Hydrochloric acid also eliminates bacteria and viruses in the stomach protecting your body from infection. Some diseases like Lyme disease, lupus, and MS, can be attributed to poor digestion.

This is just a new way of thinking, and I personally am adopting it. I’ve got poor digestion and have been having celery juice for three weeks now and have noticed a huge, huge change in my whole life. So I recommend it highly!!!

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