How Homepeel can help with your ‘broken skin barrier’

How Homepeel can help with your ‘broken skin barrier’

What's a broken skin barrier - how do you break your skin barrier? What does it mean?

It turns out, the skin's barrier is very easily broken. We’ve all experienced the dreaded sunburn. It's hard to ignore the obvious damage we have done to our skin when we feel the stinging, burning or witness our skin peeling. These symptoms are an indication that you have most likely broken your skin barrier.

With a ‘broken skin barrier’ you may experience sensitivity, redness, dehydration, itching or flaking or skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

There are many other ways that our skin barrier is damaged and being aware of these can reduce the harm and improve your skin. But first, let's talk more about skin.

Skin is your largest organ

You probably remember being caught on the trivia question - what’s the largest organ? Is it your heart? Your liver? No, that’s right - it’s the skin!

Skin has three layers and when we discuss the skin barrier we are referring to the outer layer - the epidermis.

This amazing organ’s health and texture is highly affected both internally and externally. And while our diets affect our skin, our skin’s absorption capacity is surprisingly effective (think nicotine patches or morphine patches).

Now consider what the skin unintentionally absorbs:

  • toxins from pollution
  • cleaning agents
  • perfumes (highly poisonous - see the documentary Stink )
  • sanitisers
  • soaps
  • inferior skin products (the toxic ingredients of some ‘skincare’ could actually be harming and ageing your skin).

All of these ‘toxins’ can break your skin barrier.

Other factors can break the skin barrier - sometimes in our enthusiasm for glowing skin, we might be a little over-zealous with our products usage. Be sure to follow the recommendations for frequency of skin peels, exfoliating products, derma pen usage and retinol. And always remember to be guided by your skin.

Rebuilding the skin barrier

To rest your skin and allow healing, Homepeel recommends you step back from using any products that can strip your skin. To help restore your skin’s PH balance we suggest the following products.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid - the ultimate hydrator - this will plump your skin from the inside out. Homepeel’s tip - also increase your water intake, as it is even more effective if you are properly hydrated.
  2. Enzyme Cleansing Gel - the ingredients in this gel gently eat away at dead skin cells as opposed to exfoliating them. (you would skip the scrub while your skin is resting)
  3. Peptide Cream - Peptides (a chain of amino acids) can have a beneficial anti-inflammatory effect on your skin and with the combination of Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid - this cream will help with elasticity and smoothness.
  4. Placenta Serum - our equine placenta extract combined with Rosehip oil is amazing for healing and repairing your skin and cell regeneration. (skip the application with the derma roller whilst you are resting your skin).

We suggest you use these gentle products for a fortnight if you feel your skin is showing signs of a broken barrier, to allow your skin to repair. Once your skin barrier has healed you can resume the more active products that reverse ageing and improve skin tone and texture.

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