Homepeel – the why

I watched a great TED talk last night by Simon Sinek. He spoke about everyone having a purpose – a why – that drives us. And it got us thinking about Homepeel.

Here at Homepeel we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain glowing skin. Skin that gives you the confidence you’ve always dreamed of.

“Flawless skin is not just for the rich and famous” was our marketing tagline when we began 14 years ago.

Fast forward a few years and, as we became more successful, we called in the marketing experts for advice. They told us we needed something more modern and ‘abstract’ and because I didn’t trust myself, I believed them.

Well today we're bringing it back – and I’ll tell you why. Because it’s the why of Homepeel.

Most companies can tell you what they do and they can tell you how – but only the truly successful ones can tell you why.

From the very start, we were all about offering affordable salon skin treatments for home use for a fraction of the cost. We believe that everyone deserved beautiful skin, not just people with more disposable income. So the tagline “Flawless skin is not just for the rich and famous” was created on the back of that. We never should have dropped it.

The lesson here is to have faith in your inner self when your intentions are pure.