Homepeel 28 Day Skin Confidence Challenge

Homepeel 28 Day Skin Confidence Challenge

Do you feel that your skin could be improved by diet? ​​

Deep down do you know that you won't get your dream skin unless you change your diet or lifestyle?

If you said YES to either of these, but don't know what to do about it, then Homepeel’s 28 Day Skin Confidence Challenge is about to change your life.

It was designed by Homepeel's founder Jodie Baker who healed her own health issues and documented her journey to share.

This 28 Day Challenge will not only transform skin, but many health issues as well.


Hi everybody!

I’m Jodie from Homepeel and I’m going to give you some background information on the 28 day skin confidence challenge. When it comes to achieving your skin goals, obviously skincare is a huge part of that. Homepeel has tirelessly worked for the past 14 years to bring to you products that get you there.

But on the other side of the coin, skincare is only half of the remedy. What you eat plays a huge role in how your skin looks.

Food has always been a huge passion of mine. I love eating it, I love cooking it, and as I’ve gotten older, the nutritional side of food has become a huge part of my life and a huge passion of mine as well. Becoming a mother has intensified that.

I have spent countless hours studying about food, nutrition and how to use food for my own health, my wellness, my mental health and raising healthy children. Authenticity is paramount to me and I felt the need to share this with you.

To give my customers the ultimate results - I created the 28 day Skin Confidence Challenge. It incorporates the Homepeel skincare range with a dietary guide. Whilst the dietary guide may be restrictive, I figure you can do anything for 28 days.

If you follow this guide for just 28 days and then you look in the mirror and you feel like nothing’s changed, then don’t worry about it, you haven’t lost anything. But if you look in that mirror and you see a brand new self, glowing skin and you feel amazing, you may want to adopt a lot of this protocol for your own health long term.

The 28 days skin confidence challenge has a great deal on skincare, on the Homepeel skincare range, it starts off with the peel. You begin the 28 days with brand new skin, and then you get our beautiful natural serums to use for that 28 days to maintain that gorgeous glow, and then you follow our dietary guides for 28 days, and you reevaluate. I’m here to support you the whole way through with any questions or, if you’ve having some down days and you feel like you need some motivation or a pick me up, I can assist with that as well. I’ve been doing that for my clients for many years now, and I want to take that to the next level and offer it as a part of our general service. Bless you everybody, and I hope you enjoy the challenge.