Curious about the five days after doing a Green Herb Skin Peel?

Curious about the five days after doing a Green Herb Skin Peel?

Green herb skin peel

Hi, my name is Monique and I am from Sydney, Australia. Today, I am going to try a home face peel.

This is from the people at Homepeel, which is an Australian company, and I have their Green Herb Skin Peel. Before doing the actual peel, I cleanse my face with my touch cleanse oil and it’s foliated with my rice enzyme. They say that exfoliating first can make it look better and if you’re going to go to the effort of doing a face peel, you want it to work. Mix equal parts of the green herbs and the green herb lotion together in a dry bowl with a dry spoon. You then apply some Vaseline to the corners of your nostrils and mouth to protect these sensitive areas.

Take a teaspoon of herbs and mix in a teaspoon of skin peel liquid and mix them together.

Doing peeling at home

Gloves are provided so that your fingertips do not peel. Use your hands to apply the herbs.

Firstly we should pay attention to your forehead because you don’t move it as much as the rest of your face, it requires extra attention to peel as well.
I’m going to stay away from the irritated skin on my nose from my glasses.
Continue to apply, some herbs will fall off, but that’s fine. The pain factor can be described as to be an eight out of 10 pain for this to work properly. You can see I’m starting to go red. You can definitely feel it. It has started to frost. Frosting is a good sign.

I recommend doing this in your bathroom, it’s a little messy and you’re going to need cold water in the end. They do say that fanning it helps when you need some relief. It’s bearable. You can see all the white patches frosting.

Continue this for five minutes and then rinse off thoroughly, preferably in the shower with cold water. The cold water will hurt, but it will be like a flash pain and then it will go to feeling good. Then pat dry.

You can see black patches, which is the frosting. Frosting is good and now, I don’t do anything to my face today. Don’t put anything on it. Just leave it be to dry out, as much as it can.

24 hours later

I’ve got dark patches, which is meant to happen, it is a good thing. So far, it is working as it should.

Day 3 of peeling

It’s 56 hours since I did the peel. My skin is quite dry and has darkened in patches. It does feel dry, but I’m not sure if it is dry enough. If I don’t start peeling by day four, I can contact Homepeel and they will give me some ideas about how to further dry it out or whether I should simply do another one because it’s not gone in deep enough to cause a peel. My skin feels tighter than it did yesterday.

Day 4

My skin is flaking and feels really tight. There is a little peeling around the chin.

Day 5

I contacted Homepeel and, following their suggestion, I’ve covered myself in calamine lotion as recommended to assist the peeling process. It is reapplied a few times and then you sleep with it on amd remove the next day with cheap soap.

Day 6

The calamine lotion has worked and my skin is flaking and peeling.

Day 7

As per instructions, I have steamed my face for 5 mins and then rubbed with it oil. It is removing all of the flaking, peeling skin and it feels so soft underneath.

Day 8

My skin has all peeled off and my skin feels amazing. It is super soft. My freckles has lightened as well. I’m really happy with my results.
I love this product, and it’s great value. It get 9 - 12 peels that will last you years.
I highly recommend this product and I’m really, really happy.

Two weeks post peel

My skin still feels amazingly soft and one of the benefits that I wasn’t expecting is that my lines in my brow, between my eyes have softened. I wasn’t expecting my wrinkles to lessen from a skin peel.

It has helped with my melasma, and my skin texture is so much smoother and softer.