101 of Coffee Scrubs. Do they work or are they just ‘on trend’?

101 of Coffee Scrubs. Do they work or are they just ‘on trend’?

Most off us kick start our day by drinking coffee, but did you know you can kick start your skin with it as well?

Homepeel chose to include a Coffee Scrub kit in its range for very good reasons – not simply because its ‘on trend’. It truly works!

To quickly recap, we commissioned an Australian soap ‘magician’ to create for us the no mess coffee scrub bar. One that doesn't break after just a few uses.

In fact each of our Coffee Scrub Bars will not break and will still be as scrubby as the traditional scrub even when its wafer thin. This is why we call the inventor a soap magician.

We even include in the kit a free suction shower soap dryer to ensure the longevity of each bar. This means each kit will last at least four months. What an amazing investment.

But why I hear you ask.

10 reasons to use a coffee scrub on your body

  • Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite - Coffee is a diuretic, which dehydrates. When applied topically, fat cells get dehydrated which makes them shrink, reducing their appearance. This is the number one reason Coffee Scrubs took off! 
  • Improves Circulation - Scrubbing alone will get your blood moving through your veins; but by adding caffeine the scrub becomes a double threat.
  • Smooth Skin - Coffee scrubs slough off dead skin cells, revealing fresh new skin. This makes it the best body exfoliator you’ve ever used. The coffee scent also turns on all our senses 
  • Brightening - Caffeine is a stimulant and will stimulate your skin the same way it stimulates your heart rate. Naturally leading to brighter skin 
  • Reduces Puffiness - Caffeine restricts your blood vessels and the scrub stimulates your skin, you’ll end up with tighter, less tired looking skin 
  • Tightening - The diuretic properties that dehydrate fat cells along with constricting your blood vessels, makes skin tighter 
  • Anti Ageing - Coffee beans are antioxidants, which means they fight free radicals – slowing down ageing 
  • UV Damage - Antioxidants enable new cell turnover to help rid your skin of sunspots 
  • Rosacea - Caffeine constricts blood vessels helping keep redness away from the skin’s surface