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Vitamin E Cream for Face

Vitamin E Face Cream - Vitamin E Skin Serum


Vitamin E Cream for Face - Skin Care Serum

Vitamin E: 10ml

Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

Vitamin E serum comes from safflower oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower, corn oil, dressings, soybean oil and margarine among others that form a core group consisting of eight fat-soluble compounds to give your skin various efficient health benefits such as;.


  • Supple and healthy skin

  • Skin cell renewal

  • Vitamin E reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • It has antioxidant properties

  • An efficient moisturizer

  • Prevents skin dryness

  • Prevents cellular damage

  • Can reduce sunburns from UV exposure

  • Helps in natural wound healing

  • It enhances other Vitamins


Vitamin E Serum in Skin Care

The skin is a person's outer most defence against external compounds. As a result, it's constantly exposed to the rigors of this world such as ultra violet light and this causes it to accumulate free radicals which damage the skin cells and reduces its immune system's efficiency. Vitamin E however possesses strong anti-oxidant properties that fight these free radicals and in the process lessen the damage of these free radicals. The result is a healthy and radiant skin which produces elastin and collagen leaving it supple.


It renews damaged skin cells and enhances other vitamins in the body such as vitamins A and B. Further, natural wound healing and consistent moisturizing of the skin ensure consistent youthful appearance all over the body especially considering that this vitamin is one of the very few that have been recommended for application on delicate body areas such as around the eyes since it won’t cause as much as an itching if it escaped into the eyes.


Vitamin E cream is therefore not just your average skin care booster but your skin’s defence especially against free radical damage and the need to have a supple and bubbly healthy skin is achievable through this ingredient and its ability to enhance collagen, elastin and even better, other vitamins that do their bit in building your skin’s immune system without much risk.


Aqua, Vitamin E (35%), Collagen, Cucumber Extract, Vitamin C, Arbutin, Sodium ethylparaben


Vitamin E Cream for Face - Skin Care Serum

Vitamin E: 10ml


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