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Subject What a great product!

Yes I have received the Homepeel, thanks. What a great product! Tried it on Tuesday and looking forward to some peeling action in the next two days.


Also just a suggestion, the user guide is not very well set out, it’s little too cramped with all the next and use of small font. It’s the only thing that detracts from your fabulous product.


Great dealing with you. Will keep an eye on your page for other skincare items. *


Subject I loved it

I loved it. It made my skin incredibly smooth and soft after one use. I would like to order but would rather order through you direct rather than eBay.*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

I absolutely loved your flakey skin remover. I am a makeup artist and I will be recommending your product to all my clients and potential clients. Well done on your success I applaud you.*


Subject It is WONDERFUL!!!

I tried the sample of the Flakey Skin Remover and it is WONDERFUL!!! It is one of the products that I have every bought. My skin is so good.


Thank you so much, I will be telling all my friends about your products




Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Yes I really liked the product. I am planning on buying your peel kit on eBay when l have the spare money, as I believe it may be what I’m looking for. I really need to revamp my skin.


Thank you for the free sample!*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Well i am over the moon with this product after one night -will be back for more, you have been wonderful*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

The sample you sent me works wonderful on my face! Thank-You so much for this sample


How much is it on eBay? I might get it. It also made my skin very soft *


Subject Flakey Skin Remover was excellent

I thought the Flakey Skin Remover was excellent. My skin felt and looked much brighter and fresher. Actually, people commented on it! I am keen to try the Green Herb Skin Peel, and intend buying some of that I would definitely like to hear more about it and see the photos. If it works as well as the Flakey Skin Remover, then I'd definitely want some.


Yes, I was most impressed with the results, especial, as I used to work for Guerlain, and have tried quite a few products. Yours definitely made a difference, and there are few that do that for me. *


Subject it was lovely

Thanks a million for the FSR; it was lovely! I just saw a cosmetic surgeon (a teeny bit of plumping, no cutting ;-) and he has me on some whitening crème for a few really dark marks. I need to wait a tiny bit of time to be able to buy your wonderful products, but they are the next big, thing for me, Thank you once again! Your product is amazing.*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Homepeel free sample surprised me because it’s very good, sample helped for my face skin very well. I want to try more free samples of Homepeel products.*