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Subject It is WONDERFUL!!!

I tried the sample of the Flakey Skin Remover and it is WONDERFUL!!! It is one of the products that I have every bought. My skin is so good.


Thank you so much, I will be telling all my friends about your products




Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Yes I really liked the product. I am planning on buying your peel kit on eBay when l have the spare money, as I believe it may be what I’m looking for. I really need to revamp my skin.


Thank you for the free sample!*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Well i am over the moon with this product after one night -will be back for more, you have been wonderful*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

The sample you sent me works wonderful on my face! Thank-You so much for this sample


How much is it on eBay? I might get it. It also made my skin very soft *


Subject Flakey Skin Remover was excellent

I thought the Flakey Skin Remover was excellent. My skin felt and looked much brighter and fresher. Actually, people commented on it! I am keen to try the Green Herb Skin Peel, and intend buying some of that I would definitely like to hear more about it and see the photos. If it works as well as the Flakey Skin Remover, then I'd definitely want some.


Yes, I was most impressed with the results, especial, as I used to work for Guerlain, and have tried quite a few products. Yours definitely made a difference, and there are few that do that for me. *


Subject it was lovely

Thanks a million for the FSR; it was lovely! I just saw a cosmetic surgeon (a teeny bit of plumping, no cutting ;-) and he has me on some whitening crème for a few really dark marks. I need to wait a tiny bit of time to be able to buy your wonderful products, but they are the next big, thing for me, Thank you once again! Your product is amazing.*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Homepeel free sample surprised me because it’s very good, sample helped for my face skin very well. I want to try more free samples of Homepeel products.*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Loved it and am going to buy some...*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover - I love it

I got your sample earlier today. Thank you. Just tried it now. I love it. My face smooth and firm after one used. I will be order soon on eBay. Do you combine shipping 2 items ( Flakey Skin Remover & Marine Nourishing Cream) ?*


Subject it was very good

Yes, it was very good! Skin was clean, soft and much more nicer! I told about it to my friends – they were very interested too, so requested samples! Thank you for this cool product!  *