Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Well i am over the moon with this product after one night -will be back for more, you have been wonderful


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

The sample you sent me works wonderful on my face! Thank-You so much for this sample


How much is it on eBay? I might get it. It also made my skin very soft


Subject Flakey Skin Remover was excellent

I thought the Flakey Skin Remover was excellent. My skin felt and looked much brighter and fresher. Actually, people commented on it! I am keen to try the Green Herb Skin Peel, and intend buying some of that I would definitely like to hear more about it and see the photos. If it works as well as the Flakey Skin Remover, then I'd definitely want some.


Yes, I was most impressed with the results, especial, as I used to work for Guerlain, and have tried quite a few products. Yours definitely made a difference, and there are few that do that for me.


Subject it was lovely

Thanks a million for the FSR; it was lovely! I just saw a cosmetic surgeon (a teeny bit of plumping, no cutting ;-) and he has me on some whitening crème for a few really dark marks. I need to wait a tiny bit of time to be able to buy your wonderful products, but they are the next big, thing for me, Thank you once again! Your product is amazing.


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Homepeel free sample surprised me because it’s very good, sample helped for my face skin very well. I want to try more free samples of Homepeel products.


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Loved it and am going to buy some...


Subject Flakey Skin Remover - I love it

I got your sample earlier today. Thank you. Just tried it now. I love it. My face smooth and firm after one used. I will be order soon on eBay. Do you combine shipping 2 items ( Flakey Skin Remover & Marine Nourishing Cream) ?


Subject it was very good

Yes, it was very good! Skin was clean, soft and much more nicer! I told about it to my friends – they were very interested too, so requested samples! Thank you for this cool product!  


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Yes I did love the soft feel the flakey skin remover left. I do have one question though, as I have broken capillaries round my nose from previous use of harsh face scrubs and redness round my neckline and sides of my neck under my ears, I am not so sure I should use on these areas. The redness I have could be where I have sprayed my perfume over the years I am not sure or just aging. I am 45.


I would however like to purchase the Hornepeel Kit direct, please send me information on payment details.


Subject Green Herb Skin Peel

Just a few words to let you know that the skin peel and flakey skin remover both arrived in fashionable style. I absolutely love the classy manner in which the products arrived. WOW! I have been totally in awe at each and every little detail all the way down to the plastic gloves inside the box.....AWESOME!!!


I am currently on my second day for the peel and so looking forward to the end results. I'm not exactly sure what type of expectations were to be seen from the skin remover as nothing really remarkable happened after usage except that my skin felt a tad bit softer for a day or two.


Was I supposed to use it AFTER the peel? Perhaps it was my error. Which might of made all the difference in the world. Anyways, I wish there was a way for me to provide your positive feedback there on Ebay. Unfortunately, since I didn't order thru their web portal. It didn‘t leave me with a way to leave any great comments for you and believe me. I have plenty.....smiles


By the way, I was wondering if you are able to get your hands on a peeling product by the name of BetaLiftx? It's an amazing way to peel and doesn‘t burn at all, practically no down time and takes less than 5 minutes to perform but the end results are so striking! It works on every part of the body including the arms. tummy. upper chest and backside. which are always the hardest to peel for me.


I had the BetaLiftx a few years ago when a seller on eBay offered it. but has since been retired from online selling 80 when I checked with a dermatologist and skin treating salon. I was shocked at the prices they were charging for single application.....lt was just about a week's paycheck! So I tried to find another seller on eBay. But so far have not had any such luck in this area.


I only wonder why people are not allowed to do the BLx at home because it‘s by far one of the safest peels I‘ve ever done from home besides the Green Herbal. but I am sorely afraid that the GH may not be as strong for other parts of the body other than the face. Which I have applied on other parts of myself in great anticipation for a miracle!


Hopefully in a few more days I will be able to share much good news and will be more than happy to provide you with my testimonial for a brochure or the website perhaps. Sorry, although I thot deeply about it. I soon discover that I wasn't brave enough to take any before pictures this round......smiles


Well. that‘s about it for now. I will be sure to let you know more about the results as time goes by. so stay tuned and once again. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You are truly amazing!