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Green Herb Peel Instructions
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Subject I am really happy with Green Herb Skin Peel

Last year I bought a green peel kit from you. I am really happy how it works. I wanted to ask if you could sell me a package of only 3 items instead of the whole kit because I still have large leftovers. I would need Green Herbs, Green Herb Lotion, and Marine Cream.*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Thank you for my free sample, I have just started using it and find the feel of it on my skin BEAUTIFUL!


Just a couple of quick questions, how often should I be using this, and do I use it after I have removed my makeup and before I moisturize?


Look forward to hearing from you and when I mn out I will definitely be placing an order for some more!


Thanks Jodie - have a good weekend*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

I loved the flakey skin remover. After i tried it, my face instantly felt really smooth, awesome product!*


Subject Results are great and very happy with product

I bought a kit of you a few months or so back. Results are great and very happy with product. I have found that while I have a heap of wash herbs and acid left, that there is not enough of the nourishing cream. I after a large jar of this as well as a jar of Flakey Skin Remover. Do you have these together at all?*


Subject Thank you Jodie for delivering a product that actually works

After buying numerous expensive exfoliates, cream and serum that all pre-claimed to diminish pigmentation, reduce fine line and in a nutshell work miracles. I soon discovered that none of these products were ever going to actually live up to their outlandish claims.


As someone who buys a lot of beauty products, I wasn’t asking for much, just a peel, exfoliant or cream that would actually work – something that would help my pigmentation and full complexion. Yes, I could have gone to my local beauty salon but I can’t afford the exorbitant prices for a one-off peel.


I then decided to explore the internet and search for that elusive “it-actually-works” skin care product. I came upon the Green Herb Skin Peel Kit. It looked and sounded great and the accompanying before and after peel pictures looks authentic. But I was uncertain - would it really work? Or was it just another gimmick? After all $149.00 was a lot of money to throw away!


So it was the trepidation and scepticism that I brought the kit, thinking that it would be my very last expensive skin care buy. As soon as the kit arrived I tried the peel. And much to my amazement it actually worked! A few days later my skin looked as good as it did when I was in my twenties!


Thank you Jodie for delivering a product that actually works! From now on I am a committed buyer. And please can you include some more product line!


Best Wishes*


Subject Love Homepeel Products

Great, Thank you. I do love the result that it gives after the peel and the products are so easy to use. *


Subject Fabulous Homepeel Product

I just wanted to say what a fabulous product Homepeel is!


I had quite bad sun damage on my upper cheeks which has now totally vanished just after one treatment! It was less painful than a chemical peel but equally as effective!


I am over the moon with this product and my friends say my skin now looks glowing. I will definitely be recommending the product and excellent customer service I received personally from you to my friends and family.


All the best.*


Subject What a great product!

Yes I have received the Homepeel, thanks. What a great product! Tried it on Tuesday and looking forward to some peeling action in the next two days.


Also just a suggestion, the user guide is not very well set out, it’s little too cramped with all the next and use of small font. It’s the only thing that detracts from your fabulous product.


Great dealing with you. Will keep an eye on your page for other skincare items. *


Subject I loved it

I loved it. It made my skin incredibly smooth and soft after one use. I would like to order but would rather order through you direct rather than eBay.*


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

I absolutely loved your flakey skin remover. I am a makeup artist and I will be recommending your product to all my clients and potential clients. Well done on your success I applaud you.*