Subject Love your peel product.

May I start by saying I love love love love love love your peel product.  Im on my 3rd peel now since January 2010 and have never had such compliments on how well my skin looks.

However my question is I'm on my 2nd day into my 3rd peel today and have run out of the marine cream and wonder could I use aqueous cream at this point to keep my skin hydrated in some way as it's too late to order marine cream at this stage.


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

Have been using the Flakey skin remover for just 2 weeks now and the results are amazing!

I was told this is a AHA/BHA formula...which i didnt know. Could u tell me what the AHA and BHA % are??

Great stufff!


Subject I loved it

I dont know if you remember me but i got a kit off you last year and i love it. My skin is alot better!

If you remember i dropped my herbs down the sink and you kindly sent me replacement. Well i write
this email as i need more lotion as plenty herbs left. Can you give me price & shipping to Scotland?


Subject Most amazing results

I just wanted to let you know that I have had the most amazing results from your green peel kit I ordered recently!  After just 4 days my old skin is peeling away to reveal the most amazing perfect skin I have ever seen on my face. I must admit it was a bit of a scary process (the first peel I have ever tried) & I have looked pretty shocking for the last few days - but so worth it! My melasma (which I have suffered from for 5 years now since having my first child) and also my old acne marks are virtually gone after just one treatment.  I am truly amazed as I have tried soooo many different products on my skin but none have really had much effect.  Thank-you so much for developing such an awesome product - I am really very impressed! I will be telling all my friends about it!


Subject Good result

 In the middle of my third peel Good result so far. Exfoliated in the morning and really rubbed in the herbs in the afternoon.

I was just wondering how long after I complete the peel can I use the following Trilogy booster capsules which contain the ingredients fisted below:

Macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, tamanu oil, blackseel oil, rose geranium oil, frankincense oil, lavendar oil, lecithin, Co-enryme Q10, retinynl palmitate (vitamin A). You use two capsules morning and evening for one month.


Subject I am so pleased with the products

Seem to have misplaced my Flakey Skin Remover info and instruction sheet. I have a question for my 15 year old son; how often can he use it for blackheads and few small pimples starting to show mainly small – no cystic pimples. He has used it once and I can see improvement. How often can I use it also?


I have used the peel – fantastic. I am using the nourishing cream for a moisturizer actually at the moment.


I am so pleased with the products.


Subject Green Herb Skin Peel

WOW Thank you for a great product. The Green Herb Skin Peel worked as well as the peel I had done at the dermatologist office, but for half the cost and I still have enough of the Green Herb Peel to do several more peels. My skin looks and feels great.


Subject Green Herb Skin Peel

I purchased a green peel from you a couple of months ago. I did one peel and nothing happened. I did a second Peel which was quite intense and when really well, it was great. I am just wondering how long I need to leave between peels as I would like to do a third one but when the time is right of course.


Subject Flakey Skin Remover

I bought your product recently on eBay and I am using it when I get a week‘s holiday next month. People rave about your product! Congratulations!


As for the feedback on your website, U18 only thing I can say is that you have made great use of colour, the website is easy to follow and use (although the grey writing on front page could be a little darker so that us oldies can read it better).


My suggestion is to have a way of forwarding the link to people we know would be interested in checking it out by a simple click of a button. Maybe a Recommendation to your Friends button or something to that effect.


Thanks and have a great day!


Subject Get the perfect level of peel

Jodie, your website looks fantastic but your product really speaks for itself. I was a bit worried when I texted you that I thought it wouldn't be strong enough after I did the first one, that was when you sent my first sample of the Flakey Skin Remover, and now I use it right before and get the perfect level of peel. Thanks so much for taking time to help me out. And thank for having me on your site list. It looks great and is very user friendly.


You should be very proud of the product and company and I wish you more and greater success.