Subject Great Homepeel Products

A friend of mine told me that your product is something she can't live without and I'm very anxious to try it. Thank you, I look forward to trying it for myself,


Subject Great result using peel the very first time

I got great result using peel the very first time! My skin looks great. I would like recommend this to anyone and I look forward to doing another peel. The only thing I did not like is that some of the products are loaded with chemicals (the nourishing cream) the herbal oil is fine. I had no problem though finding something suitable to use, as I’m a home herbalist, and I use products doctor which are 100% organic and chemical free. I did love the peeling effect though. Thank you for making an affordable great working product


Subject Great Products

I'm obsessed with your products so far, cannot explain my happiness I can get salon results at home!!!!


Subject Fortnightly Fruit Peel

Thanks so much Jodie, again, for all your thorough advice you're really great! The high standard of your customer attention (as well as your amazing products of course) I'm certain will make a huge difference to the success of your business I don't know if any of my questions are FAQ, but IF some of them are are, maybe you can put them on you FAQ section so you don't have to go through all of this again with others like me asking them....hee, hee  

Just one last thing you didn't tell me. Re the bi-weekly fruit face peel..does one also wait about 6 weeks after doing the green peel to start using the fruit one?

Thanks a bunch. I haven't received my goodies yet, but am sure they'll be getting here this week, so look forward to it and will post on your site how I go with it all.

Take care and all the best


Subject Fortnightly Fruit Peel

I have and I looooved it ! I did it last night and  y skin was instantly brighter like glowing. It even got rid of the white little pimples on my chin ! I put rose hip oil on my face after I used it and my skin looked beautiful this morning I think the fruit peel helps the effect of any cream/ oil you put after as your pores are all like deep cleaned. I will make a more detailed review and send it to the " you rate it " link and make sure I find your fb page and share !


Subject My skin look AMAZING

Just finished my 1st green peel,Wow,I was a bit sceptical,having dark skin,and I'm happy to say,my skin look AMAZING already after the peel,it's only the 4th day..
I will do a better peel in 4 weeks is that advisable,

P.s my skin is lighter..complexion,even thought I know I did not do the application as through as I should,thinking my skin will get burnt,I did not..

thank you ..


Subject Spot Remover Kit

I have actually only had the chance to use the spot remover so far, both my daughter and I have used it. I was amazed at how fast the product actually worked. I tried it out on a blind pimple, wondering if I would see results and could not believe my eyes the next morning. I am actually looking forward to the next blind pimple I get!

My daughter has used it several times on pimples that just won't come to head properly and they pop straight out the next morning.

The reason I have not tried the herb peel etc,  is because I am a teacher aide and I am worried that my face will look awful for a few days after. I think I will try it during school holidays, and when I know I don't need to go anywhere.

I am concerned about how much my face will fall apart! I was thinking when I was reading the info that came with the products, that it would be great if you had some pics on your website, showing what will actually happen to you.

I did try the marine cream (sorry just going off memory of the names, they are in the bathroom) and also the exfoliating cream that you use after the peel. The tools also work really well too. 

I will have to let you know when I have used the peel! Have you got any advice, I am a bit scared of this!


Subject Fortnightly Fruit Peel

Hi Jodie, it felt rather "burny" but because I couldnt acheive the paste consistency I had to stand over the sink! Used the instructions to fan my face.

Again due to consistency I couldnt really rub too well with cloth but I still believe it will be beneficial.

When my husband came home an hour or so later he said my face was a bit red on the cheeks but today is fine. Feels a little tight (like yesterday I caught a little sun).

I love your full peel too. Absolutely love it. Its funny I kept re reading the instuctions yesterday double checking myself on amount. Should have gone with my gut. Still, many thanks for gesture. As I said I just love your products.


Subject Fantastic homepeel product

Dear Jodie

I just wanted to give you feedback on the fantastic homepeel product. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself. The first time I tried it, it was hot and I had started to sweat so it did not work. This time i waited until cooler weather and wow it really does work. I slightly exfoliated first and then massaged as per directions. I had 5 days of school holidays so I spent 4 days painting my youngest son's room. Then on the 5th day I steamed and my peely flakely skin revealed my new fresher complexion. My skin is gorgeous. I have acne scars, freckles and age lines but literally my skin looks the prettiest it has ever looked. I will be continuing the peeling process next holidays and I will be recommending this to friends. Skin has two sides and this deals with the external and homelight skin rejuvination devices can take care of the inside. Thank you so much for developing this vital but cost effective product. I am a single mum, social work undergraduate student and a waitress so I don't have the money for the more invasive procedures. I also really like the fact that I could hide at home when I did not look too pretty. Once again, what a remarkable product and Thank you. Regards Josephine Leyden, a now life long user of Homepeel.


Subject Green Herb Skin Peel Review

I bought the Green Herb Skin Peel a little over a year ago and was somewhat unsuccessful the first time I used it as my skin must have been too hardy (it never peeled). I tried it for the second time one week ago, this time with a "peel-booster" by exfoliating my skin the night before and again a few hours before I did the peel.

This time it worked! My skin was quite tight for a few days and it began to flake around my nose and chin on the third, fourth and fifth days. On the morning of the sixth day, I steamed my face and rubbed vigorously with the Recovery Oil, then left it for the day. I could still feel rough patches where the old skin hadn't yet peeled off yet. Before I went to bed that night (about 12 hours after steaming and using the Recovery Oil), I did an at-home microdermabrasion (I have an at home kit), which was successful in removing all the old skin and rough patches. I put on the Recovery Oil overnight and woke up this morning absolutely DELIGHTED with the results!

I have battled with acne all my life, and while I still have scarring on my chin, there is such a radical difference in my previously uneven skin tone, rough skin, pigmentation and enlarged pores overall, particularly on my forehead, nose and cheeks. My skin is so much softer and smoother, my skin tone is lighter and more even, scars have reduced, my pores look smaller (and cleaner! I had so many tiny blackheads across my nose and cheeks and they look like they have pretty much gone). I will definitely try the peel again to continue to reduce the scarring on my chin.

I am so happy, and just wanted to say THANK YOU for creating such a life changing and affordable product!! I would definitely recommend your product to anyone, and am going to give it to my Mum to try!