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Green Herb Peel Instructions
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Subject Im happy!

Had a very troubled skin during my teenage years. Few years ago i got so lucky to find Im so happy i used the green herb skin peel several times these past years. And i really get compliments about my skin. People ask me what kind of products i use. It really helped me! Thank you so mich Im sticking with you!*


Subject Fortnightly Fruit Peel

I purchased the fruit peel 8 months ago it has lasted well. I find it to be a nice gentle peel and makes my skin shiny and my pimples clear up soon after I have quite sensitive rosacea type skin and didn't have a problem with the mask making it flare up. I also bought the vit c booster the bottle was half full so only got a weeks worth of product so quite disappointed in that.*

Jodie Baker commented on 7/02/2017
we are sorry - the bottle must have leaked as that is not usual. We will send you a new one



Subject Great peel to use at home

The peel kit arrived safely and with good instructions. It is a little messy, with bits of the herbs dropping off, but you just scoop them up and keep rubbing them in. I didn't get much heat from the peel, it was bearable so I left it on for the full 5 minutes. I was red and dried out for a few days but unfortunately only had minor flaking on my chin rather than where I wanted it *pigmentation on my cheeks. Despite that I did feel fresher and as a super oily person I felt more matte than in ages! I think I will need some of those booster tips for my next peel. Will use again!*


Subject Green peel kit

I purchased the green peel kit for my uneven skin tone. Delivery to the uk was quick. When i tried it for the first time I was hesitant about how long to leave it on my skin for so just rubbed it into my face for 1-2 minutes. I found the mixture thick and difficult to rub in evenly not much happened a little red which quickly subsided. The second time I used it I made the mixture more watery which was much easier to use and burnt like hell! I managed 3 minutes max on my face so not sure how much of a result I'll get. My skin just looks red and dehydrated but feels super soft. Roll on day 5 and I'll update my results*


Subject Green peel

Excellent product. Some years ago I had the original Greenpeel at a salon which was fabulous. When I saw the homepeel greenpeel I had to try it. I have to say I'm very impressed with the product and results. Additionally staff very helpful and promptly reply to email questions.*


Subject Green Herb peel review

I had a good result from the peel. As indicated on instructions be wary of sensitive areas on your face. and definitely leave it on for the required time stipulated. I've used it once, but plan on using it again being more experienced in a couple of months time. To be used with caution, as it is an invasive peel. Aftercare is vital to the overall result. customer service was fantastic! Postage / delivery to South Africa was a pleasure. Thank you*


Subject vit b

i have been very happy with home peel. they have offered great advice and a great product with fast customer service. I have purchased and used the serums and am due to update my stash as i have got through them. keep up the good work!*


Subject Amazing

Love the products i ordered! I took the Derma Roller and the Greenpeel. Used the Derma Roller and gave my skin some weeks to rest. Then i applied the greenpeel and i have to say my skin looks great! I notice my friends telling more often now that my skin is really thight and smooth. I'm happy with Homepeel. Thank you!*


Subject Good result first time but I think next time will be better!

Having had various peels over the year I loved the idea of doing one at home. It arrived well packaged and had clear instructions. I have had a salon green peel a few years ago so knew what to expect. Yes, it is a bit runny and the herbs fall off but you just keep on scooping them up and rub it in. I didn\'t find the \"burn\" too much at all and kept the peel on for 5 mins, the redness for me was minor anf I had very light peeling within 3 days on my chin mostly but not where I really wanted it. It\'s now been a week and my skin is smooth but still pigmentef so I am waiting to do another peel and will try the peel boosters first to see if that makes a difference. All in all a great product and I hope next months peel is better!*


Subject Fruit peel + vit c booster

Fruit peel works fabulously to reduce marks from previous acne. Clears pores and reduces pore size. Just purchased the vitamin c booster and so far so good. I haven't had any acne and my pores are looking smaller.*