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Placenta Serum

Sheep Placenta Extract Serum and Cream


Placenta Serum



Let your skin be reborn – Celebrity style!

Discover Hollywood’s best-kept skin care secrets with Homepeel’s NEW Placenta Serum. Enjoy a glowing new complexion courtesy of two powerful new elements; placenta extract ingredient and dermal roller application.


A-list CelebritiesVictoria Beckham, Kate Bodsworth and Jennifer Lopez are all devotees of salon placenta facials, while red carpet favourite Angelina Jolie has spoken about her use of dermal rolling in her skin routine before special events. Placenta as a hero ingredient is used widely in both dermatology and professional beauty therapy around the world with phenomenal results, and dermal rolling is the latest innovation in maximizing effective skin care.


To bring this of luxury skincare expertise to the Australian market, Homepeel launches an exclusive at home Placenta Serum, combining the power of placenta extract with use of dermal roller technology. Be one of the first in Australia to experience this revolutionary and proven approach to beautiful skin – at the fraction of the in-salon cost.


Give new life to your skin

At a certain point in life, skin cells slow down their replication, causing the formation of wrinkles. When placenta, or ‘stem cell technology’, is incorporated in skin treatment it’s possible to literally give new life to old skin. Placenta is widely known as the ultimate life giving ingredient, containing more than 128 different molecules whilst providing an excellent source of stem cells, epidermal growth factors, bioactive cells, amino acids, Superoxide Dismutase, Hyaluronic Acid, and regenerative blood proteins. These proteins stimulate our own skin stem cells into regeneration, activating collagen production and skin renewal.


How does it work?

As the placenta protein is absorbed into the skin cells, the cells are triggered to mimic the newer, fresher collagen resulting in long-term benefits and youthful skin. When a young cell comes in contact with an old cell they relay information via their DNA. The old cells receive this information and in turn take on the properties of the young cells, providing regenerative results that have been proven to reverse the aging process.


Placenta extract serum combats a multitude of skin concerns, and has been proven to:

  • Increase collagen levels and boost skin fullness

  • Fade pigmentation & scaring

  • Decrease large pores

  • Brighten a dull complexion and give back a youthful glow

  • Fade stretch marks

  • Promote healing

  • Provide intense moisturisation


Clinically Proven Results

In dermatologist-approved tests; sheep placenta has shown results appearing within just weeks. Products produced from sheep placenta based materials continually rejuvenate the facial skin cells.Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to celebrities was considered a pioneer in the use of human placenta in treating skin. Dr Lancer believed Placenta Facial "is the cutting-edge in skincare technology. A favourite of our celebrity clients, this intense anti-aging treatment significantly firms the skin, reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, and provides a noticeable lift to the skin. The Placenta Facial is also beneficial for acne-prone skin, providing hydration for skin that has been dried out from over-exfoliation."


Natural & Life Giving

Homepeel's placenta extract is sourced from Ovine placenta, the 100% natural bi product of lambing birth. It’s full of rich nutrients that fight free-radical damage to the skin.

Ingredients: 80% Ovine (sheep) placenta extract, 18% Hyaluronic acid, 2% Bronopol & VitC (natural orange oil)

Dermal rolling: Innovation in skin treatment application

Did you know that only 0.3% of skin care creams and serums can penetrate the surface of the skin? The rest (99.7%) is wasted when it rubs off on towels, pillows or is washed off in the shower. Dermal rolling is a new effective approach to topical skin care, and provides phenomenal effects when used with the placenta extract serum.

The Derma Roller is a skin tool that increases the penetration and effectiveness of your skin care products by up to 40 times. Using the roller on the skin's surface creates micro-channels that drive the active ingredients deeper into your skin, whilst stimulating the skin's natural renewal process.

Dermal Roller we use is a size of .5


How does it work?

The dermal roller uses very fine needles that create micro channels to allow the active ingredient to penetrate into the dermis of the skin, rather than sitting on the surface layer. This process is pain free, causing only a moderate prickling sensation on the skin. The micro-needles stimulate the skin, engaging new collagen and elastin to be created.


Dermal rolling will:

  • Smooth and even wrinkles

  • Boost brightness

  • Visibly reduce scarring, sun damage and pigmentation

  • Increase product penetration of up to 4000%

  • Stimulate collagen production and improve skin fullness

1 x 10ml bottle

1 x .5 size dermal roller


Placenta Serum

How to use

Perform this treatment up to twice per week for totally revitalized, glowing skin.

Begin process in the evening before bed to give the placenta extract serum time to be effective overnight.

  • Thoroughly wash and dry face

  • Apply a layer of serum to your face lightly using fingertips

  • Use dermal roller on your entire face for a few minutes.Use vertical motions (up and down), then horizontally (left to right) then roll diagonally.

  • Add additional serum to roller as it becomes dry during this process.

  • When completed, wet your fingers with water and rub into your skin. This will ensure more serum enters the micro channels created with the derma roller

  • Replace derma roller when you finish the serum bottle. A new roller is required with each bottle as the needles become dull and less effective



  • The dermal roller can be used alone without a topical active ingredient, to stimulate tissue regeneration. When using the dermal roller alone, use every second day.

  • Placenta extract serum can be used daily on its own. At night, apply a few drops into the skin straight after cleansing and before any other product.

  • Both the serum and dermal roller can be used anywhere on the body

Homepeel launches the Placenta Serum for $89.95

Includes: 1x 10ml bottle of placenta extract serum and x1 dermal roller (.5) (dermal roller needs to be replaced with each new serum bottle as they go blunt with regular use)


Ingredients: 80% Ovine (sheep) placenta extract, 18% Hyaluronic acid, 2% Bronopol & VitC (natural orange oil)



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Placenta Serum