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Salicylic Acid Peel

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Can I do a Salicylic Acid Peel at home?

We all know that getting a Salicylic peel is a great way to refresh your skin as they have been available in beauty salons for as long as we all can remember. We also know that embracing a Salicylic acid peel as a regular part of our beauty regime can reduce and eventually eradicate pigmentation.

But did you know that there are alternatives to spending about $100 per Salicylic peel treatment at a beauty salon? And that is doing the Salicylic acid peel yourself at home.

It may sound a little hard or scary if you have never done it before and you don’t know how to go about it. But let me assure you it is very simple, very safe and very affordable.

Below are some tips to doing your own Salicylic peel at home

  • Choose a Salicylic acid peel that has a long and reputable reputation. You can get them in retail outlets like Chemist’s or Mecca Cosmetics. But in my opinion I feel they are very over priced and not strong enough to get the results required. Getting them online in my opinion is best. But as I said; make sure the site has been around for many years, has lots of photos and lots of testimonials.

  • Make sure you have prepared your skin well. You get the best results if you exfoliate well.

  • Be prepared for a learning curve. What I mean by this is that everyone’s skin is different. You may put your peel on and it may sting straight away. Others may feel nothing and have to really work the product into the skin to get a stinging feeling.

  • Decide how intense you want your peel to be and use as directed. For example; if you want a strong 5 day peel then you need to get your peel to hurt at a level of over 8 out of 10 for at least 5 minutes. (NB – the amount of time it takes to get to the 8 out of 10 pain factor is not included in the 5 minutes). If you want an instant glow type peel with no after peeling – then keep the pain level below 6 out of ten.

  • Keep some bi carb of soda ready if you decide you want to stop the peel straight away, The bi carb will neutralize the peel.

  • Make sure you read the instructions very well and follow them exact.?

  • Be in contact with the company you purchased the peel from and ask them for advice.


Salicyclic Acid – the complete guide

Salicylic Acid is one acid that falls into so many categories. It is a beta hydroxyl acid, a type of phenolic acid a monohydroxybenzoic acid- all of which are acid types that are used in chemical peels.

The most famous application of salicylic acid is in superficial chemical peels, where it is used widely as an anti-inflammatory acid owing largely to its pain relieving properties.

It is also used as an exfoliator and to fight acne (whiteheads and blackheads).



The first famed record of salicylic acid was in the 5 th century BC when Greek Physician Hippocrates wrote about it as a “willow bitter powder” to reduce pains, aches and fevers. Native Americans and Lebanese would later become some of the best exponents of this willow powder until ‘salicin' an independent extract from the bark was successfully isolated in 1826 by a German scientist.



Salicylic acid has developed many applications, perhaps the most famous being in chemical peels. Its anti- inflammatory properties as well as acne fighting make it widely used. The keratolytic in the acid breaks down and later exfoliates any dead skin cells. It has also proved to be very good for blocked pores because it can deeply penetrate hair follicles hence keeping it unclogged.


Salicylic acid also lightens discolorations and hyperpigmentation and is known to be very tolerable for even sensitive skin especially if applied in low concentrations. In excess of 25% concentration, salicylic acid is too powerful that it is considered a deep peel.


How it works

Like all skin peels, salicylic acid, when applied to the body causes a controlled shedding of the outer skin layer that is called the epidermis and allows the body to grow fresh skin. The skin consists of two layers- epidermis, which is the top most and effectively the body's foremost protection against external attacks and the dermis- which is under the epidermis.


When the skin peels off, a new- fresh skin will grow in its stead. While it is majorly found in superficial peels, salicylic acid has appeared in greater concentrations as medium and in rare cases deep peels depending on the concentrations percentage.


Who can use salicylic acid

While salicylic acid is known to be one of the top three acids in the world of hairstyle and beauty, it is not without its side effects. Sometimes, a simple patch on the skin may be handled and/ or tamed but sometimes, careless application can cause irreversible or painfully reversible damage. For that reason, it is good to find out if you qualify for its use before you venture.


Other medical conditions such as diabetes, blood circulation problems and kidney or liver failure are not to be mixed with consistent usage unless otherwise directed by the doctor. To this category, pregnant women may be added.


Before use

Before you commit an entire container of salicylic acid on your face, it is better to make a test spot on your body, where you apply a little acid to make sure that you got the right concentration and even peel.


Where it can be found

Salicylic acid can be found over the counter at concentrations anywhere between 0.5% to 2% but it is not advisable to pick it from there. Rather, it is advisable to seek expert advice after checking your skin and knowing about your history. Salicylic acid comes in pads, lotions and creams among others. It is a good idea to use only one and not many types if not for anything, then it's because the dermatologists say so.


Salicylic acid lotions and creams can also be found in pharmacies, clinics, professional salons and over the internet. Caution is very important. Homepeel uses primarily Salicylic acid in most of their products such as the Green Herb Skin Peel and the Fortnightly Fruit Peel. All Homepeel products are a result of nearly a decade of tireless research on the topic of chemical and skin peels.


Other common products with salicylic acid are; stridex, dermalogica medicated clearing Gel, Oxy products and Noxzema anti-acne Gel.


For further information on use and other applications of salicylic acid, be confident that is a formidable authority on these matters and we do have comprehensive skin peel guides on just about everything you need to know about skin/ facial peels. We have been at this for close to a decade and with some of the finest experts in beauty that you will see.


Beauty is paramount but even more important is your health. The way you apply salicylic acid determines how much better you get. Cheers.



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Skin peeling after and before


Skin peeling after and before