Placenta Serum Kit Instructions

Let’s talk about Placenta Serum!

Are you put off by the name? You are not alone… it does sound a bit icky.. but I assure you - you do not want to miss out on this miracle ingredient.

Did you know that most mammals consume their placenta after birth? This ‘waste’ is packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and antioxidants. For centuries in many cultures, mothers have consumed their placentas, and this has become more popular in the western world of late. (it is often in capsule form to make it palatable) The benefits mothers report are - better recovery from birth, increased milk production, higher energy levels and far superior emotional wellbeing.

Now imagine all of that goodness directed into your skin!

So what can it do?

This ultimate cocktail of peptides, proteins and vitamins increases the skin’s hydration. It speeds up new skin cell growth and reduces many of the signs of ageing. Lines and wrinkles soften as the improved cell structure boosts collagen and elastin production. The anti-inflammatory qualities promote healing and repair and lessen scarring. Hyper pigmentation is reduced and your skin texture is tightened and rejuvenated.

Traditionally the placenta used in skincare has been sourced from pigs and sheep and it does come with an unpleasant odour.

Homepeel is in the unique position where we have exclusive access to top quality placenta from Australian racehorses. Using cutting-edge extraction technology, our placenta serum is like no other on the market and is odourless.

Homepeel’s Placenta Serum is simply a combination of this superior placenta extract, Rosehip oil, another of nature’s gifts and 0.9 alcohol as a preservative. To harness this liquid gold, we supply a derma roller to ensure that this serum is driven directly into the dermis. The 108 individual 0.2ml pins create small channels so that the placenta serum is absorbed more effectively and can perform it’s magic.

We are so proud of this product and feel very fortunate to be able to offer it to our valued customers. The feedback is wonderful and we are confident you will have amazing results with this miracle ingredient.