Placenta - Instructions

Homepeel recommends application of our Homepeel’s Placenta Serum every second day in order to get the best results.

Once a week, use the Homepeel Placenta Serum in conjunction with a derma roller (see instructions below).

The derma roller works together with the Placenta Serum in synergy. Derma rollers engage very fine micro-needles which stimulate tissue regeneration (creating new collagen), while also creating micro channels for the Homepeel’s Placenta Serum to flow down into the dermis of your skin. This is where all skincare active ingredients need to get to in order to work their magic but very rarely do.

Using a derma roller is a great way to get these powerful ingredients deep into the skin. The hundreds of fine needles roll over your skin to create little micro channels. Then immediately you apply your serum so it can go down these little channels to hit deep within the skin. This is not to be over used, as you don’t want to ‘mash’ the skin. Make sure it’s use as directed only (see below).

Every second day

  • Shake well before use
  • Use Homepeel’s Placenta Serum along with any other serum you may be using at the time.
  • NB. Derma roller should only be used once a week as described below.

Once a week

  • Shake well before use
  • Get your Homepeel Placenta Serum ready as you want to apply it pretty quick
  • Clean you face and have your hair pulled out of the way
  • Roll the derma roller over the face one section at a time. One pass only over each area of the skin. Don’t over roll and ‘mash’ your skin
  • Quickly apply some of the serum and rub into the area
  • Repeat until you have covered your whole face
  • Add water to the serum (on face, not on dish) if you feel it’s a bit dry and its not spreading enough
  • Make sure to leave one week in between doing a dermal roll and either of the peels
  • Perform at night as you want to leave the Homepeel Placenta Serum on your face while you sleep
  • You will find rolling the derma roller across your forehead more sensitive to roll. Use a firm pressure but certainly not hard. It should not hurt.
  • When completed spray the derma roller with disinfectant alcohol (available from any super market) and put straight back into its container. Be very mindful to keep your derma roller sanitized
  • You can put any of your normal night creams over your skin after you have finished this procedure

Discard the derma roller when you finish the serum bottle. You need a new roller with each Homepeel Placenta Serum as the needles get dull and it will not perform as well

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Do not use if you:

  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product
  • Have had recent sunburn or significant sun exposure
  • Recently did any form of hair removal or bleaching
  • Have had any recent skin peels
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are extremely sensitive or have hyper-allergic skin.
  • Have sunburn or any open wounds
  • Are going to get exposure to sun

Size – 40g & 0.5 (Derma Roller)