Derma Pen - TO PREPARE

It is important to stop using Homepeel’s Retinol serum, any Vit A based creams or anti-inflammatory medications 3-5 days prior needling.
(Please seek medical advice if taking blood thinners)
As the Microneedles open the skin, it is vital to work in a sterile environment to avoid contaminating your skin.

What you’ll need

Microneedle Derma Pen with charged battery or close to the power socket.

New cartridge – With clean hands or wearing gloves, attach a new cartridge, avoiding touching the needles.

Numbing cream -Some people prefer to use a numbing cream before using the Microneedle derma pen. This is optional and is not provided in your pack. It can be purchased from a chemist. Always read the label and follow instructions carefully.

Cleanser / cotton pads/ hair accessories/ rubbing alcohol – It is imperative that you remove all traces of makeup, impurities, numbing cream and hair to avoid irritation and infection.

Hyaluronic Acid – This assists the needles to glide and reduces dragging.
(Please note – It is not advisable to substitute with any other serums as they may cause reactions)

Using the Microneedle Derma Pen

Apply numbing cream as per instructions.

Secure your hair back from your face and wash and dry your face thoroughly. Swab skin with rubbing alcohol.

Adjust the dial for the optimum needle depth and speed – see here for recommendations……

Recommended Needle depths

0.25mm – under eyes, across nose, around lips and smile lines.
0.5mm – forehead, cheekbones, jawline
0.5mm – 0.1 chin
1.0mm – lower Cheeks
General rule – the more delicate skin area the smaller needle.

With a clean work space and sanitised hands, or gloves , apply Homepeel’s Hyaluronic Acid to a small area of skin. Gently glide the Micro-needle Derma Pen over the lubricated skin. Do not drag across the skin. Use a grid pattern, including diagonal strokes to ensure thorough coverage and go over each section twice. Stretch skin taught, preferably by ‘pulling faces’ as the less you touch your face, the less chance of infecting your skin. You may also apply a circular motion in some areas. Apply more hyaluronic acid, and complete the next section.

Once completed, remove cartridge, replace cap and safely dispose of the cartridge.

Apply hyaluronic acid to hydrate and calm skin. You may experience redness and inflammation. This is to be expected. If you have the desire to wash your face, we recommend you shower and allow tepid water to run over your face. Do not use any soaps or lotions.

Avoid makeup, excessive sweating, swimming and the sun for the following 24 hours.
It is optimal to avoid the sun for the following week. If this is not possible, use high protection sunscreen.

Over the next week after using your Microneedle Derma Pen, it is important to keep your skin cleansed and hydrated, using Hyaluronic acid and 48hr Miracle cream or your preferred moisturiser. You may like to gently exfoliate any dry, flaking skin, but avoid using any peels, scrubs and serums for 7 days.

The Microneedle Derma pen should NOT be used more than once a month.