Organic Grape Seed (Proanthocyanidins) for Healthy Skin

Organic Grape Seed (Proanthocyanidins) for Healthy Skin


Organic Grape Seed (Proanthocyanidins) for Healthy Skin

Organic Grape Seed: 10ml

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Skin

Great skin care products have Grape seed as an ingredient. This is because the abundance of Vitamin E, flavonoids, linolenic and phenolic acid essentially guarantee that the skin will not suffer or even show after effects of prior poor mishandling. The benefits are a pleasant read;


  • Anti-aging properties

  • Reduce swellings on the skin

  • Grape seed prevents skin cancer

  • Controls free radical damage

  • Healing of dermal wounds

  • Antioxidant properties

  • Protection of collagen and elastin

  • Grape seed protects from UV light damage


Grapeseed Oil in Skin Care

Elastin and collagen are normally produced by the body but grape seed oil will protect it from running low and keep it at peak level needed for skin use. This is achieved through its anti-aging properties meaning one’s youth is protected through the control of body loss of elastin and collagen, a very important and complex protein.


Skin that has been injured might come up with random swellings known as edema on the skin. Grape seed will in this case come in handy to heal the wounds on the upper layer of the skin known as the dermis. You might also want to know that edema as well as UV damage can cause skin cancer. By using products with Grape seed and its wound healing capabilities, you are dodging a bullet in there.


UV damage, which comes from skin exposure to the sun especially after medium to deep peeling is a very uncomfortable and potentially deadly situation (as stated earlier, skin cancer is a possible consequence) that should be controlled. For those who consistently use various skin treatments or choose medium and higher peeling, using skin care products with grape seed as a major ingredient is strongly advised to protect the skin from burns post peel.


The difference between a healthy skin and skin cancer is usually grape seed oil. It’s almost compulsory to have it.


Aqua, Collagen, Grade seed extract (Proanthocyanidins) (50%), Wheat Protein, Rose Hip, Sodium ethylparaben


Organic Grape Seed (Proanthocyanidins) for Healthy Skin

Organic Grape Seed: 10ml


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