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Herald Sun

“All my friends are frantically sloughing off skin cells. Nobody canafford enough facials to feed this addiction. Enter this microdermabraisonsalon style scrub.
Great for upper arms and ingrown hairs”
Melinda Ayre, Herald Sun, Body + Soul

Real Living

Gentle yet effective, this great exfoliator scrubs skin up the right way. Love it!
Deborah Bibby – Real Living Magazine.

Real Living

Great Buys
Susi .

HomePeel | Modern Wedding

Homepeel specialises in salon quality skin treatments and peels for home use for a fraction of the cost. Homepeel Products are a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars at beauty salons for professional skin peels.


Uncover the beauty secrets to boosting your skin’s natural radiance.
Nikki Yazxhi – Australians Parents Magazine.

Q Magazine | HomePeel

In a Global Financial Crisis, many of us can no longer afford to go to the beauty salon to get their regular skin peels or microdermabrasions done.But why should our skin suffer just because their bank account is?

HomePeel | Take 5 Magazine

Flawless skin is not just for the rich and famous. Homepeel specialises in salon quality skin treatments and peels for homeuse.

HomePeel | Family Magazine

NRF - North Rivers Family Magazine extends to it's very valued readers the opportunity to get hundreds of dollars of salon skin treatments for a fraction of the cost.

HomePeel | Modern Wedding

Modern Wedding Magazine understands that all the costs involved in getting ready for your big day add up. Modern Wedding introduces Homepeel as a way of saving money at the beauty salon.

HomePeel | Fashion Weekly

Homepeel's Fortnightly Fruit Peel (skin peel) was created in response to our customers request for a product could be used regularly in between the famous game changer the Green Herb Skin Peel (The 5 Day Flawless Skin Challenge)

HomePeel | Wedding Style

“It really is an amazing product. You just add a piece of your chosen fruit to the lotion; watch it bubble up and emulsify and allow the fresh fruit fragrance hit your nostrils. Then BAM – put it on your face!” My favourite chemical peel!

HomePeel | Spheres Magazine

Ever wondered how celebrities mange to have that GLOW to their skin that looks like their skin is brand new? Well the reason it looks that way is because in many cases it is brand new. Salicylic Acid Skin peel for home use!