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How a Skin Peek Works

How a Skin Peek Works



How a skin peel works

Step 1 - Your face has a top layer of dead cells sitting on top of it like a mask. This mask of dead skin cells is called the stratum corneum. This stratum corneum is what gives skin a dull leathery look.

Step 2 - Salicylic acid loosens the bonds that stick these tightly compacted dead skin cells together and adhere them to the surface of your skin.

Step 3 - These dead skin cells will shed revealing the new cells underneath. The results in an improvement in the smoothness and radiance of your skin.

Step 4 - This removal of your dead skin cells also accelerates the skin natural exfoliation process.

Step 5 - It takes approx 28 days for a skin cell to be born down in the dermis. It then slowly travels upwards toward the surface of your skin where eventually it will be flattened out with all its mates to make the stratum corneum mask.

Step 6- When the stratum corneum is removed, your skin realizes this and jumps quickly into gear to replace it. Causing new collagen and skin cells to replace what was removed. Accelerating the normal 28 day renewal to just 5 days.

Green Herb Skin Peel

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