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Green Herb Peel Instructions
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Shot taken 10 minutes after peel performed - Quite RedPhoto taken after 24 hours of peel - Redness goes dryPhoto taken after 48 hours of peel - Skin about to crack and peelJoe did not get photo's of her peel day. This photo is of anothor to give you an idea of what the skin looks like when it cracks and peels offPhoto after skin peel

"Hi Jodie,
Well finally I have a moment to myself to sit and email you. I did the face peel.
It went very well. I did the peel late Sunday afternoon - 29/06/08. I did a
good exfoliation with the flakey skin remover prior to the actual peel.
By day 2 (Tues), I was peeling quite significantly around the mouth and lowercheek area. It continued that way for around 4 days (till Fri). I exfoliated lateFriday night, but it took a good 2 days to get ALL of the dead skin off the face.
The upper cheek area was stubborn to move, but did by the Sun morning.
You'll see that I blurred out my eyes in the final pic, hope that's OK with you. I feelmore comfortable if I'm not totally recognisable in the pics.
I'm sorry that I didn't have time to take a final pic for you with no make up, as youwill see I was actually at the Christening celebration in that pic.
Basically I felt that the peel was as good as the Green Peel (remember I've had 1full and 2 mini Green Peels, so I'm qualified to compare). Although it was a little moredifficult to remove the final dead skin, it was actually a slightly better result, as my skinwas quite glowing.
Overall, I'm very impressed with the result, and also LOVE the flakey skin remover. MyMum and husband (who suffers ingrow beard hair - also love the flakey skin remover).
Use whatever, some, none or all pics, as you feel necessary. Hope that they help.
Anyway, Thanks again and kind regards,
Jo Z...... "

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