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Green Herb Peel Instructions
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Homepeel | Case Study
Before peel
(Day 1)

Wonderful :)
I left the mixture of greens herbs and lotion on my face for 4 minutes. There was no pain, just a growing warming sensation. The first 4 photos were taken immediately after I rinsed. My skin frosted as a result and it remained that way for about 20. My skin felt really nice and tingly during the first hour, like an extremely clean feeling. The fifth photo I sent is my face one hour after, which was when the redness was at its peek. Around that time my skin got a bit stiff, but it wasn't at all troublesome.
My skin is naturally oily. I've had acne prone skin my whole life, but it wasn't much of a problem.When I was about 16 I started breaking out much more than usual so I went to see a dermatologist whom prescribed me antibiotics and creams that got my skin clear after a few months.A year later my skin started acting up again, but I never took care of it; I never ate right or exercised, and I frequently fell asleep without cleaning it. About 10 months ago was when my acne got out of control because I was eating something I was unknowingly allergic to. After three months I figured it out and started watching what I ate and exercising regularly. I saw a dermatologist again, but it didn't help significantly.It was my new eating regimen that's done the most for my skin. Since then my acne has cleared up a lot, but my acne scars haven't changed much.I've tried a few scar creams, but they tend to make me break out. I was using lemon juice on my skin for its lightening properties, which helped minimally with the overall redness of my skin along with keeping the oil at bay, but to no avail. I tried Zenmed Microdermabrasion and Skin Eraser, but it didn't do much of anything for my skin.


Homepeel | Case Study
(Day 2)

The redness of my skin has gone down a lot. My skin is a bit dry, but nothing very noticeable. So far not much change.


Homepeel | Case Study
Beginning to crack
(Day 3)

My skin has become very dry, almost mask like. It is obvious that my skin in dry because when I smile my face wrinkles. There isn't any irritation. In fact, my skin feels very nice. My only difficulty is brushing my teeth, which I can still do, I just can't open my mouth very wide.


Homepeel | Case Study
(Day 4)

My skin started peeling last night beginning around my mouth.The skin flakes easily throughout the day. I've been using the Marine Nourishing Cream, quite an excellent product indeed.It feels great to be able to brush my teeth without the extra tightness.


Homepeel | Case Study
Sharon has a much better texture after her face peel, but will need a number of treatments to irradiate her scaring.
We will keep you posted with her progress.
(Day 5)

My skin has been peeling very easily. The new skin is very smooth and feels wonderful.


After steaming my face I proceeded to use the recovery oil as instructed.My face feels very smooth and clean. I must say that the Marine Nourishing Cream is my favorite product - it smells fresh, it feels great, and it doesn't make me break out like other moisturizers tend to that have oils in them.Homepeel's Greenpeel is an excellent product


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