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Homepeel | Case Study
Before peel
(Day 1)
Homepeel | Case Study
30mins after peel – slightly red
(Day 1)
Homepeel | Case Study
Skin beginning to crack
(Day 3)
Homepeel | Case Study
Skin peeling
(Day 4)
Homepeel | Case Study
Fresh and glowing
(Day 6)


  • Did the peel about 1pm after washing with pH face wash and putting barrier cream at the corners of my mouth
  • Left the peel on for 2 minutes and 45 seconds as it is my first one and wanted to test the waters rather than rush straight in
  • Took about 30 seconds to start stinging then stinging was intense around my chin area
  • Washed off in the shower
  • For the rest of the day, my face was red (especially around chin and inner cheeks) and felt quite dry
  • Also slightly stinging/burning but not intolerable by any means


  • Skin was quite dry and red in the morning and feels quite dry
  • Face is quite red around chin and mouth area, but no peeling yet
  • Used nourhsing cream around 10:30am
  • Washed face at night with pH balancing wash and put on nourishing cream


  • Washed face in morning with pH wash and put on nourisjing cream
  • Starting to feel quite dry and mask-like around my chin and mouth
  • For some reason the skin on my forehead and cheeks isn't doing anything at all and looks completely unaffected
  • Nose is also a litte dry but not yet peeling
  • Washed face in evening and put on more nourishing cream
  • By late evening, my chin had started peeling a lot as well as a little on my inner cheeks


  • Washed face in morning with pH cleanser and put on nourishing cream
  • Peeling a lot around chin but everywhere else still unaffected
  • New skin that I can see after the peeling on my chin looks nice though :)


  • Washed face in morning with pH cleanser and put on lots of nourishing cream
  • By 11am or so, a lot of peeling was happening around chin and inner cheeks
  • Nose was dry and in between eyebrows was dry, but still no peeling
  • Forehead and cheeks definitely unaffected by Homepeel as still nothing happening
  • By late afternoon, nose was slightly peeeling (hardly anything though), as well as inner cheeks and chin

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