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Copper Peptide Serum

Copper Peptide Serum - Copper Peptide Skin Product


Copper Peptide Serum – Skin Care Product

Copper Peptide Serum: 10ml

Benefits of Copper Peptides Serum for Skin

Effective and efficient copper peptides serums employ the use of these naturally occurring but complex proteins fragments for a myriad of reasons; 


  • Attracting immune cells to the body

  • DNA Cell repair

  • Healing of wounds and nerve regeneration

  • Anti-oxidant properties to fight free radicals

  • Treatment of cancer

  • The Copper Peptides product ease pain and irritation through its anti-inflammatory properties


Copper Peptides Serums in Skin Care

These serums were first isolated in human plasma and will also be found in saliva as well as urine but its use is hardly matched. The removal of fine lines and wrinkles as well as wound scars is made possible by ability to regularly stimulate the production of collagen (an essential serum in the body which this copper peptide product produces even more than Vitamin C) in the skin.


Because of the normal skin caused by consistent collagen in the body, more immune cells are got into the body causing the user’s DNA and immune system to become much stronger.


Copper peptides' anti-inflammatory properties are strong enough to help in the reduction of skin irritation and pain while it will fight free radicals (elements that damage the skin as a result of among others, exposure to sunlight and ultra-violet rays) capably because it has strong anti-oxidant properties.


DNA cell repair and nerve regeneration especially for those suffering the effects of damaged cells over the course of a long life is made possible naturally because copper peptides are powerful and efficient serums . Celebrities have been known to consistently use copper peptides products for the sake of their careers especially in an age where youth is everything.


Our skin care products properly harvest and optimize the power of copper peptides serum to give you a celebrity like and youthful experience. You can expect to have a strong but very immaculate skin with no side-effects after all, you are using serums!


Collagen, Copper Peptide (2%), Sodium ethylparaben


Copper Peptide Serum – Skin Care Product

Copper Peptide Serum: 10ml


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