How placenta transforms skin – what’s all the hype about?

Why we use placenta

We are not kidding around here - this Placenta Serum Kit will transform your skin.

The trouble with having so much junk skin care on the market is that when you strike gold – it’s hard to let it shine through. If you trust in Homepeel and its amazing 15-year reputation - you'll believe in this product.

When skin cells slow down their replication, wrinkles form. Homepeel's clinically proven placenta technology literally gives new life to old skin as it contains more than 128 different molecules, providing an excellent source of stem cells, epidermal growth factors, bioactive cells, amino acids and regenerative blood proteins.

What it helps with: 

  • Fine lines - easy
  • Decreases deeper lines (which is like nothing else you can do in the comfort of your own home)
  • Pigmentation - better than laser without the risk of getting rebound pigmentation
  • Redness - I have seen lots of customers celebrate finally not having red skin
  • Suitable for all skin types - even sensitive and rosacea - this is amazing because mostly skin types like this only have expensive ‘in salon’ treatments to choose from
  • Finally a home option for you loves with sensitive skin

Why use Homepeel’s placenta

  • Traditionally placenta (although is amazing) has had a few problems. The odour was the main one. A close partner of Homepeel’s invented the world’s leading edge placenta extraction process which made it odourless
  • Very high strength. Pretty much any product that is called a ‘Placenta’ serum just has a dash of it. Homepeel’s Placenta is 50% placenta.
  • No nasties - the placenta serum is mixed only with organic rosehip oil and a small amount of natural preservative. If you are rolling a serum deep into your dermis, you need to make sure you don't roll chemicals in that will do more damage than good
  • This new extraction technique creates a much stronger compound. Old extraction processes sadly had a lot of the placentas ‘magic’ killed off because it got a chance to enter into your skin
  • Very affordable - all you need is commitment (3mths). To get results like these in a salon would cost, Im’ not kidding thousands
  • Surgical grade - this actual placenta is the same raw that is used in high end salons that gets ‘injected'

What does the roller do?

  • The roller creates hundreds of micro channels into the dermis so the Placenta Serum can flow down where it needs to go
  • The roller can be used with any Homepeel serum (never use a roller with a serum that has chemicals or nasties in it)
  • Creates hundreds of micro wounds that immediately need healing. Encouraging the skin to create new collagen and elastin straight away (so works amazing even without a serum)

Are animals hurt to get this placenta?

  • Placenta is the byproduct of the birthing process and is usually just thrown away. The placenta used in our serum is sourced from high quality animals, is harvested immediately and taken away to be purified and processed into a skin-compatible product. Absolutely no animals are harmed at any stage of this process.

Tell me a success story

  • One of Homepeel’s most loved and respected customers, Thomas Owen, was asked to do a committed three-month trial the we first received the serum.
  • Below are a few of his comments and a few photos.

    We know from speaking to him he was most happy with the decrease of the deeper lines on the back of his neck


    • "Thanks for everything and the chance to shine again… words don’t say enough…”
    • "I can really see how beautiful my skin looks in these pics” - Thomas Owen

What next?

You will need to be persistent and consistent with it and use it the full three months and not miss a treatment. We'd love to hear from you about your results!