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What is Light peel

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What is Light peel

The light peel is a superficial and simple chemical peel procedure typically done in spas, saloons or even in the comfort of one’s home. In light peeling, Glycolic acid, Salicyclic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) are the most prominently used. The convenience of its application has prompted the nickname ‘lunchtime peel’ in many circles. This is because one can apply a light skin peel and return to their work immediately without any down time- unlike for example, the deep peel.

Light chemical peels remove upper layers of damaged and dead skin in a non-invasive way while encouraging the regeneration of the skin. Some of the most efficient light chemical peels include the Regenerative Growth Serum, the Green Herb Skin Peel and the Fortnightly Fruit Peel which can be found at The formulation of the above mentioned three most prominent acids changes with the skin care needs of each individual.

A good candidate for a light skin peel is one who has mild skin imperfections like mild fine lines and wrinkles, acne and sun-damage.
Light chemical peels are an effective way of improving skin appearance as well as rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin.


The light chemical peel cost is as friendly as they come with prices ranging from as low as 15$ to 140$ (samples taken from Homepeel due to reliability) for products that have been put through rigorous tests and efficiency.

Light chemical peel results are in many cases instant. Again, the ‘lunchtime peel’ nickname comes to mind. People for whom appearance is everything usually carry light peels with them for midday retouches to hide the stress of an arduous day. For optimal results for cases of acne, sun-burn or other treatment, multiple sessions are encouraged unlike say the deep peel which is carried in one session.

Convenience. It is easy and safe to do a light chemical peel at home and not worry about irreversible side effects. Plus, there’s little or no downtime. During application, one might feel a tingly or burning sensation on the skin depending on the treatment but it doesn’t last long.

How it works in spas and saloons

During facial application of a light chemical peel in a spa or saloon, the face is thoroughly cleansed before AHA (or Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) which is gaining prominence) is applied to it. One will experience some slight discomfort while the peel works its magic but this soon passes and depending on the length of time recommended, will be removed.

After removal, the skin will look sunburned for a few hours depending on the peel applied but it’s possible to conceal this appearance with make-up without repercussions.

Light skin peels come with some side effects if instructions are ignored or not applied correctly for example slight discomfort, irritation and itches. Others are scarring, uneven skin tone and mild burns. Whenever possible, consistent use of sun protection between sessions is encouraged.

Finally, there’s a great deal of useful information on light peels available on the internet. The best light chemical peels will leave your skin rejuvenated, moisturized, youthful and healthy. Choose carefully.