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Want to Look Beautiful in Social Gatherings? – 5 Beauty Secrets

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Everyone wants to look stunningly beautiful in social gatherings. Beauty brings with it self-confidence and makes you stand out from the crowd. A self-assured woman in social gatherings will inevitably become a source of envy and command the attention of all present. Here, we bring you five beauty secrets to improve your appearance and self-esteem in social gatherings.

1.    Consume healthily: Your skin is the first line of protection you have against free radicals and other environmental hazards. It is also the biggest constituent of natural beauty. This means that you need to maintain it well for your skin appearance and health. Many examples abound:
Research has shown that consuming 5 tablespoons of tomato paste on a daily basis plus a tablespoon of olive oil for 12 weeks increased sun protection by 33%.

You can also consume foods rich in Vitamins, Omega- 3 and milk.

2.    Use simple chemical peels: Especially if a gathering is abrupt, use simple chemical peels that you can apply by yourself. Usually, these peels carry no downtime and many of them offer instantaneous solutions. You might want a peel that will not only hide your blemishes or acne but also highlight your stronger points.

Peels remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin to leave you feeling younger and youthful. They also increase collagen in the skin, offer sun screen and fight free radicals. For an example of ruthlessly efficient chemical peels, visit

3.    Carry a beauty kit in your bag: Also known as a make-up kit, it will come in handy when- during your outing- you need to retouch. This happens often after using the ladies or some hard dancing on the dance floor and you need to wipe off the sweat. Your beauty kit shouldn’t just have any product you can get your hands on. You know your skin best so endeavor to carry something that will repair your initial appearance at the do. If you wore pink lipstick, please don’t carry a blue one- it will spoil your entire look. Carry some moisturizers and body cleansers too.

4.    Do not overdo your make-up or foundation: You might want to hide a proportionate amount of acne or try to look well rested when in actual sense you are not but overdoing make-up exposes you to the risk of too much mixing. It also exposes your facial contours and you will barely be able to move your face. For foundation, consider using a tinted moisturizer followed by a beige-eye pencil instead of the foundation.

5.    Wear clothes that flatter you: Wear clothes that accentuate your curves, colors that flatter your skin and have an appropriate hairstyle and matching accessories. Have scents that are unique. An honest friend would be very useful at this point. Style is everything. You don’t want to look like a Barbie doll but if you can turn up unique from the crowd, self-assurance follows.

It is also worth noting that maintaining a sincere smile, avoiding topical discussions in which you are clueless and engaging in those you know will make you even more beautiful.