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Understanding The Workings of Retinol

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An Anti- Pigmentation Treatment With Few Peers.

Our skin, being the our first line of defence against physical attacks does go through quite a lot of beating and it shows as time flies by. Often, we are exposed to free radical damage, sunburn, and even good old beatings from other humans.

The skin is often prone to among others, pigmentation because of these and more exposures and as such, we find ourselves in constant search for solutions.

It’s hard, even impossible to discuss pigmentation and anti-aging without discussing skin pigmentation treatment, retinol cream Australia. For in those lie the solutions to a lot of our skin problems. Let’s begin.

Skin pigmentation, as you might have suspected by now is the darkening or lightening of spots on the skin. Excessive melanin production (melanin is the chemical produced by the body that gives the skin its color) has been known to be the single biggest contributor to skin pigmentation and so, if it is limited to the right amount, everything should be fine. Those small and numerous dark or light spots can be an embarrassment to an individual but there are solutions- some are even natural but an effective scientific example of a solution has to be retinol.

Since the body works hardest to repair itself at night, Retinol, when applied to the skin in the evening or at night produces the most amazing results (usage during the day often causes redness). Use a very high level of SPF protection in your regimen if you use retinol products.
Natural solutions to skin pigmentation include application of potatoes to the skin, cucumber and lemon, papaya, milk and almond, guavas and bananas, vinegar, avocadoes, cocoa butter, caster oil and vitamin e among others. The trick is in the application and side effects are very rare. Even better, one can apply these regularly at home after a long day’s work.

Australia, being a bastion of scientific research to combat aging regularly serves up anti-aging solutions which double as anti-pigmentation solutions and many retinol products are straight out of science labs down there. From those same people come the best practices in combating skin pigmentation. We relay them;

Before you start applying any of the solutions above, follow a criteria. For example it is safer to first determine the cause of the pigmentation. Is it melasma, a Post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIF) or lentigines. If you are too confused, it helps to visit a dermatologist to discuss your condition with him/ her. It’s likely that you will find not just the cause, but the requisite treatment. As soon as you get the prescription, start on it until your skin gets back to normal.

If the treatment doesn’t work, there’s still no time to despair. Dermatologists have the option of doing procedures to target those skin pigments. Some of the options include skin peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

Lastly, remember to avoid random over the counter treatments and always protect yourself from environments that cause pigmentation to you. UV light is a common example.