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Trying to win the war on blackheads!

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Skin peeling solutions are mostly known to be anti- ageing solutions but this is a misconception. There are other reasons why it can be useful. You have probably seen those tiny and annoying tiny black spots on yours or another person’s face many times and thought they are here to stay, well, not exactly. Chemical peels can actually fix the problem but first, what are blackheads?

A blackhead, also called a comedo is essentially a clogged pore in the skin. Oil which is produced in the sebaceous glands causes blackheads and is found mainly in teenagers because this oil production increases during puberty. The more oil produced, the more blackheads can spread.

Some skin products can cause blackheads, especially those that block skin pores. This means you will certainly want to choose your skin products carefully. The idea is to avoid blocking the skin pores. There are some oil-free and water-based skin products that can be used, as well as face peel that help to open up the pores a little. You can read about our skin resurfacing solutions for more information and feedback about them.

Genes also play their fair bit in the development of blackheads. It is common in Africans and African-Americans for example but much more visible in white people, especially because the stark contrast in colors. This means whites might want to apply a few face peel solutions much faster than the blacks.

It is important to avoid picking at blackheads (as is common in people with stress and anxiety) because doing so might worsen the condition and make the blackheads spread. Contrary to popular belief, food or dairy products do not cause blackheads and may be consumed at will, unless someone is trying to prevent anything else other than blackheads.

Despite these various causes, blackheads can be contained and treated. It only depends on the mode of treatment. Let’s get this fixed- shall we?

  1. Exposure to ultra violet light or sunlight will help the skin to peel, and therefore unblock pores. However, too much exposure of the skin to sunlight can also cause skin cancer and skin burn. Skin burn would be treated using skin peel products to restore it to previous state, or even better condition.
  2. Some researchers say that harnessing a virus that naturally preys on skin bacteria would be useful in the fight against blackheads. If the virus only deals with the skin bacteria, it might not pause a health risk to the host but studies on this are inconclusive and ongoing.
  3. More natural solutions would come in the way of mixing lemon juice with salt, honey and yoghurt to create a face scrub. Alternatively, you could mix lemon juice with milk or with rose water to achieve the same effect.
  4.  Honey, green tea, turmeric, baking soda, corn meal and Epson salt all offer natural treatment for blackheads.

The options are multiple, and you may be proud to know that all these and other solutions are readily available. You might also want to know that much more effective than all the above would be skin peel.

Skin peels help not only to smooth the skin, but also to remove such unwanted features like blackheads from the skin to give it that refreshing, youthful look.

There are three main types of skin peels, but the most relevant one would be the superficial skin peel.

Here, Glycolic acid is applied to the skin and penetrates only a few layers of skin. It is used to remove blackheads, clean out burns from sun exposure and any other pigment changes on the skin. It is the most used method of skin resurfacing because of its relatively quick and easy application.

The other type of peel doesn’t use glycolic acid, and is called the medium peel. Using trichloroacetic acid (TCA), this method serves to remove stubborn pigments from the skin as well as blackheads. This peel penetrates more layers of skin than superficial peels and is generally preferred in cases that can’t be treated by the mild superficial peel.

The third and last type is the deep peel, where a chemical called phenol is used. This peel penetrates multiple layers and can also be used to remove stubborn pigments. Blackheads aren’t too stubborn so consulting a doctor before using this peel would be very useful.

Home peels are very preferred, especially because of convenience and we provide that service impeccably well. We offer advice on different face peels and their applications.

Black heads can be irritating and make even the most beautiful people lose confidence in themselves, but chemical peels can prove to be useful if applied by experts, and we have them aplenty at