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The thing about chemical peels

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About Chemical Peels

People love to be beautiful. No one wants to be stuck with rough, old looking skin especially if she (yes, we will use that this time) can do something about it.

The thing with being uncomfortable in the way one looks is that it reduces one’s confidence greatly and reduces productivity by extension especially because low self-esteem leads to feelings of unworthiness. All this can be avoided by people who often take great care of their skin and face.

Homepeel products such as Homepeels Green Herb Skin peel kit have proven to be useful skin peels for many people overtime.

It is useful to select the kind of chemical peels one would be comfortable with. This essentially means the importance of knowing what works for your skin or face cannot be underestimated hence the need for expert help and instructions from Homepeel in order to achieve best results in Home peel.

There are different types of chemical peels that you might want to choose from, depending on whether you are going for skin peels or other chemical peels. At Homepeel, we specialize in offering you quality chemical peel solutions from the comfort of your home at very affordable and flexible rates, so that you don’t have to go through the hustle of moving up and down. This is because we know that almost all chemical peels come with a certain level of discomfort as the procedure heals, and it requires that someone undergoing, or intending to undergo the process do so in their most natural environment.

At Homepeel, our wide range of chemical peel solutions includes face peels. We are a Home peel service provider of the highest possible level. We also offer expert advice on which chemical peels to go for, depending on the skin type and color, allergies, etc. of a client so that the end result inspires confidence and betrays beauty.

There are three major types of chemical peel solutions; – Superficial, Medium and deep peels.

Superficial peels can be applied on all skin types because they are mild- the mildest of the three- and take a very short time to heal completely. Superficial peels use glycolic acid, which is a very mild acid solution and does not penetrate the skin so deeply. Superficial peels help to improve skin pigment, remove scars, mild wrinkles and any mild irritations on the skin. They also help to prepare the skin to undergo deep peels. In other words, before deep peels are applied, superficial peels are done to make the skin or face ready. Superficial peels are applied on the skin, face and other body parts especially because of the mild nature of the procedure. This skin peel solution is a favorite of many people with light or mild skin or face issues.

Medium peels are stronger than superficial peels, yet not as strong as the deep peels. A peeling agent called Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used in applying medium peels.  In other instances, there are multiple other processes that are undergone using a different chemical solution before the Trichloroacetic acid is applied. Medium peels help to remove moderate wrinkles from the skin to give the person a fresh new and smooth skin. It is also useful in situations where there have been serious sun damage, especially where a person is constantly exposed to the sun and if there are noticeably serious pigment changes on the skin. They are mostly used on the skin.

Deep peels are the strongest of the three face peels procedure. Because they can bleach the skin, deep peels are not recommended for use on dark skins. They penetrate multiple layers of skin and are typically used only on the face. A chemical called phenol is used in this procedure. Deep peels take care of severe skin wrinkles- often in old age, and to treat severe sun damage to the skin over the long term (usually burn patches might appear in some such cases of long term exposure to the sun), growths on the skin as well as pigment changes. This procedure is sometimes done with laser resurfacing for greater and longer term effect.

Choosing the right chemical peel to use will therefore depend greatly on your needs, as well as what you hope to achieve with this procedure. It is thus useful for the doctor to have a one- on one with the person who wants/ needs the chemical peels to come to a realistic conclusion of what procedure should be done. Some times what someone may hope to achieve is not necessarily what is achieved at the end, especially if they didn’t understand one another. At Homepeel, we offer skin resurfacing not necessarily according to what a person might like, but where agreed, according to what might be good for the person. For example there may be instances where a client might want a deep peel yet a medium peel could likely be better. We let them know their options, and we offer free application instructions


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