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Ten myths about Skin Peeling

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The perceptions of a Skin Peel can stop individuals from having this safe and effective procedure done. You may have your own idea of what a skin peel involves and you may have heard others talk about harsh chemicals and the damage it can cause. Below is a list of several myths and allows you to make an informed choice if you are considering this procedure.

1. You can only experience this procedure in a beauty salon

Skin peeling is a procedure that has been available for a number of years and is globally accepted as a means of reducing any number of skin problems. Due advanced technology and increased understanding of the chemicals utilised in the skin peeling procedure you are now able to safely and effectively complete the skin peel process in your own home. By completing this beauty procedure in your own home you are able to decide when you can fit the process into your own lifestyle.

2. Having a Skin Peel involves a harsh chemical process

There are a number of natural skin peel products available on the marker. have an established and popular ‘Green Peel’. This product utilises a number of natural herbs within their peel that encourages the removal of dry, dead and weathered skin and promotes the new layer of undamaged skin to shine through and slow down the ageing process.

3. A Skin Peel is only to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The benefits of a skin peel are numerous and yes, whilst it does significantly reduce the skin ageing process it can also be beneficial for the following skin complaints:

  • Dry Skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Freckles
  • Acne
  • Oily and or combination skin
  • Scars
  • Open pores
  • Sun damaged skin

4. Only women will benefit from a Skin Peel

Males too can experience skin problems which can severely affect confidence. If you are male and may be embarrassed to attend a beauty salon, then a skin peel is available for you at Hompeel will be able to offer you a product that you can use safely in the security of your own home.

5. If you have sensitive skin a Skin Peel will cause you to experience significant irritation

It is true that some skin peels may be unsuitable for those with sensitive skin. However there are products designed for those with such problems. At there is a wealth of information available to you that can help you decide and make the right choice for your skin type. There are skin peels available that have can help reduce any possible skin irritations.

6. You need to buy expensive after care products

It is important that you maintain your revitalised skin and by applying aftercare products you increase the longevity of the benefits of your skin peel.  Don’t forget that a skin peel increases the effectiveness of follow up beauty products. As you can see it is a cost effective and non-evasive beauty procedure. Non expensive quality aftercare products are available at

7. The procedure will be painful and you will experience reddened, sore and painful skin

The experience of a skin peel has been described as invigorating and refreshing. The type of skin peels you choose will influence the feeling and sensations you will experience whilst undergoing treatment. The strongest skin peel produces a tingling and a mild tightening effect and indicates that the skin peel product is working at removing the old damages top layer of skin.

Immediately following the procedure you skin will appear younger, more even and revitalised. The range available at ensures you are able to choose a product most suited to your needs.

8. You should not have a skin peel completed in the summer

You can have a skin peel any time of the year, however you do need to bear in mind that the newer skin that will be revealed following a skin peeling process will be more sensitive to the sun’s rays. This can be managed by the application of suitable sun protection or choosing a milder skin peel solution. Information about the seasons influence on choice of skin peel product is available on line.

9. You should only have a skin peel if you have a skin condition

It is true that skin peels were designed to address skin conditions including sun damaged and aged skin. Due to the development of different types of skin peel procedures a person only wishing to experience fresh and rejuvenated skin will benefit from this procedure. There is a range of products from mild to intense available at

10. Skin peels require significant recovery time

With the advancement of modern technology the recovery time following a skin peel is significantly reduced. It is even more convenient if you complete the process at home. Immediately following treatment, you can continue with your everyday activities.


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