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Sun Damage and Sun Spots Treatments

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During the days of extreme heat and sunshine, one should add some extra protection to their skin to protect any sun damage or spots. Sun damage is one of the primary causes of aging because the skin loses fibres during prolonged exposure to the sun which in turn causes sagging and spots. The positive thing is that sun damage and spots are curable. Our entire range of products is very useful in case of any sun damaged skin treatments.

Dry skin is one of the most common problems caused by sun and Home Peel takes extra care of it. If you expose bare skin in front of intense sunshine, it is going to lose all its minerals and water and soon become dry and flaky. There are skin types which do not even need prolonged exposure to intense sunlight; a mild exposure does the trick for them. Harmful UV radiation can cause sunburns which may result in formation of painful and puss filled blister on face and other exposed parts of the skin. Our products provide you the best treatment for sun damaged skin on face and here’s how they do it.

Sun Damage and Sun Spots Treatment Products:

  • Retinol extremely useful in treatment of sunspots. They help you to remove all sunspots from your skin and keep it healthy and clean. Since they do not have any side effects, they act as damage control products and cut down all skin problems of your face.
  • Green Herb Skin Peel and Fortnightly Fruit Peel, these two are excellent products and will act as the best sunspot remover you would have ever used. Since they clean the skin from the outside as well as inside, they extract all impurities residing in your skin and give it a fresh and glowing look.
  • AHA and Vit C form the perfect combination which is especially created by our experts for the situation when one is looking for an anti-ageing solution. As mentioned earlier, sun damage can cause ageing and AHA acts an anti-wrinkle agent which saves your skin from sagging and forming wrinkles. Hydroquinone bleaches the impurities off your skin and gives it a fresh look while Vit C provides abundant vitamin C which is needed by your skin to revitalise itself.

The aforementioned products form a useful combination to act as the best treatment for sun damaged skin. They not only reverse the damages caused by the sun but also prevent it from causing any further damage to the skin.