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How to Ensure Your Skin-Care Regime Doesn’t Suffer in the Heat of Summer!

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Summer is a time for eating al fresco, drinking rosé wine and wearing a variety of gorgeous summer outfits. However, if there’s one thing the much beloved summer can cause havoc with, it’s a skin-care regime.

Too much summer sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin, leaving it burnt, blistered and blemished, which is never a good look! On a daily basis, you may have to combat with skin blotches, caused by increased heat and, unfortunately, oily skin too, which goes hand in hand with hot weather.

As if all the above wasn’t enough, the heat and increased use of protective moisturisers, lotions and sun cream might also lead to some serious pimple breakouts. However, now is not the time to worry and wish for the once longed-for summer to be over…

Homepeel offers a wide variety of high-quality skin treatments, such as Salicylic acid peels, which can be used to stave off and repair any negative effects on our skin as a result of the sun. Looking after your skin in this manner doesn’t have to be extortionate. You can quite easily purchase a skin treatment and do it yourself, safely at home with no bother at all.

Below you’ll find a number of handy tips, which will help you ensure your skin-care regime doesn’t suffer over the summer. Follow the tips and you’ll be able to spend your time enjoying yourself instead of worrying about how awful your skin looks and what products you’re going to need to buy to cover up.

  • Combating oily skin

So many women (and men) suffer from oil skin. Unfortunately many people end up just applying more and more makeup in order to try and cover up their skin. This is not the way oily skin should be treated. Firstly, you should never apply more makeup as you’ll only create streaks and patches where powder ends up sticking to the oil.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to try out new treatments at home, which are designed specifically to treat conditions such as oily skin. For instance skin peels are a very effective and affordable method of combatting excess oil production and you can use them in the comfort of your own home.

Using a salicylic acid peel, such as the skin treatment kit offered by Homepeel, is an easy way to ensure your skin’s oil production is minimized. The best part is, this kind of treatment not only helps combat your oily skin but a number of other skin conditions at the same time, so it is an ideal addition to your regular skin-care regime.

  • Combating skin blotches

Unfortunately many of us suffer from adverse reactions to heat, whether these reactions appear in blotch format or some kind of prickly heat rash. The very first thing to avoid, if you are suffering, is makeup. Even though you may want to cover everything up and hide, makeup will only make matters worse.

If you tend to suffer from these kinds of heat reactions, it is most definitely worth trying out a home peel as part of your skin-care regime. Skin is very delicate and particular and as such, needs to be treated just right. You must therefore ensure you feed your skin with vitamins, whilst regularly getting rid of any old, dead skin. Otherwise, you’ll find it’s even harder to combat unsightly skin blotches and rashes.

Doing a peeling at home will help restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier, whilst following up the peel with a recovery oil, will give your skin the extra nourishment it requires. Taking the time to do this regularly will help keep your skin healthy and looking radiant.

  • Combating pimple breakouts

Most people have to contend with spots but they are often a lot worse in summer, just when we all want to go out and be social instead of hibernating inside next to the fire.  We tend to suffer breakouts in summer due to increased sweating and because of the amount of extra moisturisers and sunscreens we slather on, which blocks up our pores.

Doing a regular chemical peel at home is an extremely effective way of ensuring your pores do not become clogged up with grime. If your pores are kept nice and clean, this will prevent unpleasant breakouts. Since face peels help to unclog pores and reduce pore size, you will find your skin is a lot less likely to breakout in pimples after use.

  • Combating dry and flaky skin

Unfortunately, a major side effect of sunning ourselves in the summer is dry and flaky skin. This occurs because our skin becomes dried out and lacking in moisture. Our skin cells die off and this results in our skin becoming dry and lifeless. You can combat this by giving yourself a skin peel.

Doing this will exfoliate your skin and get rid of all the dry and dead skin cells. Adding regular face peels into your skin-care regime will not only result in a much improved overall skin tone but will also make your skin a lot smoother and ensure it glows with healthiness throughout the entire summer.


The four stages of a face peel

The four stages of a face peel