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It’s not all about flawless skin and face peels! – Try zero calorie noodles!

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Yes it’s true that I spend my life investigating ways to improve skin and fight the aging process. Face peels are obviously my ‘go-to’ treatment. Skin peeling is my thing!

WHY? Glad you asked…It’s all about removing the ‘stratum corneum’. The stratum corneum as a layer of dead skin cells that sits on top of your skin. These dead skin cells are tightly compacted to create a protective mask of sorts. This mask is for the purpose of protecting your skin from dangerous UV rays.

The problem of course is that tightly compacted dead skin cells creates a rough surface that absorbs light. The result of this is when people see your skin, it looks dull and lifeless.

When you remove the ‘stratum corneum’ with a face peel you are left with a shiny, flat skin surface. The light reflects beautifully off this surface and you literally GLOW!

The other really exciting result of removing the ‘stratum corneum’ is that the skins natural exfoliation cycle is accelerated. It usually takes 28 days for a skin cell to be born, rise to the surface and become a part of the stratum corneum and then slough off. This causes collagen to be created to quickly replace what was just removed by performing the skin peel.

On another note; as well as striving for the perfect skin, I also take a serious interest in staying trim.

Just when we thought there was no such thing – Almost Zero calorie LOW CARB noodles!

Japanese shirataki noodles

Low carb shirataki noodles made out of konjac glucomannan fibre.
What is glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fibre made from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant.

These are my new best friend!