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The beauty of Homepeel for skin peel

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Homepeel Skin peels

Home peel options to undergoing chemical peel procedures have long been needed not just for sheer availability, but unquestionable quality as well. Started in 2006, Homepeel came up with various Home peel services to cater to the growing needs of people with skin issues, or who just would like skin resurfacing procedures on them.

There are three main types of peels for one to choose from; –

  1. Superficial peel; – This is the mildest of the three peel procedures, used to treat minor wrinkles on the face, minor pigment changes on the skin as well as to prepare someone who has to undergo the deep peel procedure. This peel is very painless and quick to carry out, meaning it wastes very little of a person’s time, yet cures/ heals very fast. It is usually applied on skin, face or on any other parts of the body. It is a very much liked skin peeling optionn and do not require the use of aesthesia on patients.
  2. Medium peel; – This procedure is carried out on the skin, and face. It is stronger than the superficial peel but much lighter than the deep peel. Taking 5-7 days to heal, the chemical used in applying this procedure penetrates more layers of the skin than the superficial peels, although much less than the deep peels. There is very little- or no- pain after medium peels is complete and the skin will flake and then peel away in a few days. Medium peel is applied mostly to the face but can also be applied to the skin. It is useful in treating long term sun burns (often a result of consistent exposure to the sun over the long term), persistent skin wrinkles, pigment changes on the skin, etc.
  3. Deep peels; – This is the longest chemical peel procedure and the chemical used penetrate several more layers of the skin than the medium peel. The results are also much better and visible. This peel (it is only applied to the face in most cases) is not recommended for dark skins, since they are known to bleach them. It can therefore only be applied to light skin and face. We provide proper instructions and even help to heal the wounds resulting from this procedure very fast. Cases where a deep peeling can be used include severe and stubborn wrinkles, especially in aging people, prolonged exposure to sunlight that causes great burns on the face, severe pigment changes and even just a need for a new skin.

Some of our biggest success stories in face peels can be found here

For best results, the need to undergo face peels procedure should be very well defined. There can be various reasons to undergo skin peeling, but if they are wrong, the wrong result might also occur. That is why at Homepeel our home based chemical peel solutions are always sure to produce best results.

We get to understand the client’s reasons for undergoing chemical peels procedure study the skin and advise accordingly. The result is an astounding thing of beauty. It is helpful to be mentally prepared for how the skin will look immediately after any peeling procedure is complete. The skin will turn red, but gradually heal sometimes in as fast as 3-5 days depending on the procedure.

In many cases, like for complete removal of wrinkles using medium peel type, it requires one to undergo a second procedure some 5 months or so after the first one is completely healed.

That first skin peeling is however good enough for quality skin and the second one are completely optional.

The advantages of opting for Home peel solutions such as ours is because your home provides the most natural healing environment especially considering the discomfort that can come with some procedures like the deep peel. If face peels is done from home, you get to rest immediately after the procedure.

During the healing process, it helps to wear sun cover if you must travel in the sun (avoiding the sun completely would be the best option although it is sometimes impracticable due to various commitments people naturally have).

Homepeel will not go with any procedure without following the right skin peeling procedures, especially priming the skin, which is very important to the quality of the outcome of the procedure or the speed of healing.

We thoroughly clean the skin before commencement, sometimes using Vaseline to keep chemical peels from entering the eyes. We also use fans to help relieve some of the pain that occurs during the procedure. At the end of the day, Home peel solutions like skin resurfacing is helpful in restoring youth and beauty. We have well packaged instructions to help you right here

Everyone wants to be beautiful and confident but ultimately, amateur work results in amateur and painful procedure. Professional work, or rather Homepeel work results in Home peel solutions that last. These things don’t just have to be for the rich and famous, they have to be for people who know where to look.


The four stages of a face peel

The four stages of a face peel