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Celebrities and their skin peels

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You may have noticed that Hollywood celebrities are ageless lately; the things that skin peels can do. You see, these days it is only the teen stars that we can see growing up, usually because they need a few extra inches of height. The grown- ups however are a different story.

The use of skin peels of various types for various needs ensures that Hollywood celebrities never lose their mojo. Joan Rivers recently turned 80, but then if she wasn’t one of the few women who actually disclose their real age, we wouldn’t know. Her skin peel regimen has made her as young as ever- perhaps 50 years of age? That would be more realistic. She has shed off over 30 years and backed it all up with incredible strength where others her age would be slowing down.

Wonder how Joan Rivers pulls it off? As astounding as it may seem, she just knows her way around chemical peels and their different applications, how to choose a skin peel, and all those beauty tips all over the internet. Of course you might want to argue that she has a highly paid team of beauty advisors and stylists but then again don’t you stop to wonder where this team gets the clues? Everything is on the internet. Discover more about peeling at home and give Joan Rivers a run for her money.

The stress of Hollywood; constant cameras and lights mean that whoever wants to succeed on the fast lane will always need to put on their game face. Jennifer Aniston, at 43 is no Joan Rivers but she would certainly spark a bar brawl on her own if she strolled in. At her age, she looks ever younger and has been able to act in movies as a much younger person due to her looks. Lucrative contracts keep flowing, mainly because she pays attention to face peel routines. Jennifer Aniston has gone through face peel routines in an attempt to stay young and fresh and to that end we would say she succeeded. She might also have her own team of stylists, but it would be a safer bet to say she gets her tips from the internet- like the rest of us lesser mortals.

At the end of the day though, chemical peels are affordable to the average person.

You might still wonder what all the fuss is about; yes you know Joan and the magic of her agelessness and Jennifer Aniston’s unending youth but you still don’t know how they get to that point. Well, we are here to help, and you are certainly at the right place.

Skin peeling is used specifically to keep our skins in natural shape by eliminating burns from over exposure to sunlight and removing any skin pigment changes. It is a beauty procedure that is widely gaining prominence not least benefiting from the looks that famous people especially from Hollywood sport so often. Celebrities like Joan and Jennifer above, as well as Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry have managed to keep their stunning looks because of their skin peeling regimens. You would think that the stress of keeping up appearances would take their toll on them but they keep looking younger and younger. This is how this chemical peel routine works;

There are three types of peels; –

  1. Superficial peels, where Glycolic acid is used on the skin mainly because it is mild. The chemicals used here do not penetrate the skin too much and it is carried out on mild cases of skin burn or pimples. It is also a procedure that usually precedes deep peels as we shall see later.
  2. Medium peels; – Here, it is not glycolic acid in use but trichloroacetic acid. This chemical peel penetrates the skin a little further than in superficial peels and is used to treat skin burns at a higher degree than superficial peels. The procedure can be carried out from home.
  3. Deep peels; -This is a procedure that is carried out on the most enduring skin problems. They penetrate several skin layers. A chemical called phenol is often used to complete this procedure.

Your doctor can help decide what home peel you could use (yes, home peeling is all the rage now owing to convenience) depending on your health and skin history.

So, there we have it; Hollywood is no stranger to chemical peels. They astound us with their enduring beauty and astounding youth, yet it is because they take an extra effort to look after their skin. Why don’t you take the time and read through our material. Find out more about peeling at home and get on the fast lane. Okay then, lights, cameras, action.

The four stages of a face peel

The four stages of a face peel