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Beauty FACT or FICTION debunked – more than just face peel information

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Old wives tails or truth?  We investigate beauty tips and secrets we have heard our whole life and separate the fact from fiction (don’t mind the odd skin peel tip dotted here and there through the article)

Hair gets used to your shampoo


There is no scientific whatsoever to suggest that your hair gets used to the same shampoo and that you have to change it regularly. The same shampoo, used in the same way, under the same circumstances, has the same effect always. What’s more likely to be going on is product build-up over time from hairspray and waxes so mix it up with a purifying shampoo.

TIP – Make sure you wash your hair before you do a face peel because you won’t be able to again for another 5 days.

You can’t smell your own perfume
The fact that you can’t smell your own perfume makes you wonder why we bother wearing it at all. What happens is that we get immune to the smell and we are no longer conscience of it, meaning we can no longer smell it. This often results in ‘over perfuming’ which is a problem not for us – but for those around us!

Curling your lashes with mascara on breaks them

FALSE (Kind of)

The original girl’s best friend has come on in leaps and bounds since the Egyptians used to slap on the kohl, so whilst formulas of yesteryear may well have led to brittle lashes, these days technology has meant that your lashes are more likely to benefit from a cocoon of mascara than not. So when it comes to curling, traditional advice to curl pre any wand action to avoid snapping off your lashes doesn’t necessarily ring true thanks to the high tech flexible polymers and nourishing oils and waxes in modern mascaras. However, if you want to avoid a rather painful strip wax as a result of your lashes sticking to your curler, this is still one best left to the pros

TIP – Keep your chemical peel away from your eyes
As soon as you are over 30 you must use anti aging products


Each of us has our own individual ‘skin profile’. The idea that all skin is the same and has the same needs at the same time is absolutely incorrect.  Anti aging products are required when your skin starts to loose its elasticity and collagen. This happens at different times for everyone.
Genetics and lifestyle are a main contributor to how fast we age but did you know that damage from UV exposure accounts for 80% of it! This is pretty bad news for someone like me who sun tanned my face like a mad person when I was younger.

The point here is use anti aging products when YOU feel YOU need it AND USE SUNSCREEN!

TIP – Skin resurfacing is a great anti again procedure. Skin resurfacing includes; face peels, chemical  peels, glycolic peels, and salicylic acid peel.

Chocolate gives you pimples
I spent most of my life under the understanding that this statement was false. I was a believer that breakouts were strictly hormonal. But is seems there is some truth in the statement after all. Dermal extraordinaire Dr Sam Bunting tells us “We now believe that rapid fluctuations in our blood sugar levels may affect the function of sebaceous glands in the body, potentially aggravating acne. Therefore it makes sense to cut down on all sources of refined sugars in the diet (for example, chocolate and high-energy drinks) and stick to what are known as low-GI index carbs, which are absorbed more slowly to avoid those pro-inflammatory blood sugar spikes.”

TIP – Doing a glycolic acid peel at home is a great way to combat pimples, blackheads and acne.

Lip-balm makes your lips drier!

FACT (…most of the time)
Hardened lip-balm addicts will attest their habit comes from the fact that the more they use them, the more their lips need them. REASON – Common ingredients in lip balms such as camphor, menthol and alcohol can lead to irritation and dryness.  But most “addictions” are due to the wearer becoming accustomed to that glossy feeling on their lips. Lips contain no sebaceous glands so are more prone to drying out.  The key is to look at the ingredients and opting for an all-lanolin balm.

TIP – Lip balm can also be use to protect areas of the face that you don’t want to peel when you do a skin peel)

Pluck a grey hair and seven more will appear
Your head has a finite amount of hair follicles on it and this cannot be increased.  Trichologist to the stars Philip Kingsley tells us “The myth probably originated because when hair starts greying, each follicle containing the hair gradually ceases to form colour granules so when one grey hair is plucked, the follicle next to it is already beginning to produce a grey hair”

Steaming opens up your pores

Skin pores do not have muscles and have no ability at all to open or close.  Steaming does help only in the way that the steam can loosen the dirt inside that pore to make it easier to remove.

TIP – Steaming on day 5 of your face peel removes the last of the dead skin so you can reveal your new complexion the next day.


Shaving makes hair grow back thicker
Shaving has absolutely no effect on hair growth or thickness. What you are more likely to be experiencing when you feel that familiar prickle as the hair begins to grow back, is the thicker part of the hair shaft. This is because the razor cuts the hair straight across the shaft which is why stubble feels stiffer.

Wrinkle creams don’t work
A recent study that found that over 71% of women don’t believe in anti-wrinkle creams. Whilst this may have been true of a large amount of products on the market right now, it’s not true for all. The key is knowing what ingredients to look for. Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting tells us “There are many variables such as what active ingredients a product contains, how stable those ingredients are (to ensure they last long enough on the shelf to do what they’re supposed to) and whether they are able to penetrate into the skin to impact on the dermis which is the hardest bit.”

TIP – Regular face peels reduces and removes the stratum corneum (layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin) Doing this enables anti wrinkles creams to penetrate better into your skin.


You know your skin is clean when it squeaks


Not only is it not true, but it can make your quest to have the perfect complexion harder to achieve. If you wash your face to the point that it is (figuratively squeaking) Then you have stripped it of its natural oils and now your sebaceous glands (that create the skin oil in your pores sebum) are going to ‘over work’ to replace the oils. This increases the risk of congestion to form in your pore and cause a pimple or blackhead.

If you leave your hair for long enough it will begin to clean itself


This is definitely not true. In fact it even defies science and general logic to believe that it would.

Trichologist extraordinaire Philip Kingsley tells us “You should wash and condition your hair daily. When left for 3-4 days the scalp can become flaky, itchy and uncomfortable with a mild tenderness whilst the hair itself will become dull and lank.”

Flawless skin is not just for the rich and famous


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