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All About The Body Peel

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Many people have always heard about face peels but not body peels. Lots of online information today seems to have ignored the possibility of body peeling even while it is just as important as facials and the like. Many Hollywood celebrities, TV personalities and other people of influence have embraced the full body chemical peel as they look to keep fit and youthful beyond just facial appearance.

The body peel is a full body chemical peel (unlike application to just the face, it is applied to the entire body) that sheds the outer skin layer and replaces it with new, youthful, rejuvenated and vibrant skin. Body peeling treatment varies in strength but is usually kept lower than the strength of regular face peels (more of that later).

In this article, we look at the importance of having a full body chemical peel and how to go about it.

The most obvious advantage to having a full body chemical peel is a healthy and well-nourished skin. Your skin is your first protection against the proliferation of free-radicals as a result of UV light exposure. Because of that exposure, the skin is in constant need of treatment.

With the right body peeling products, your skin will be rejuvenated and moisturized. Full body chemical peels treat aging signs, body acne, textural roughness plus hyperpigmentation among others.  A healthy and well kempt skin will be firm, produce collagen and elastin constantly and will be more resistant to sun damage and free radical damage.

Important to note

Use body peeling products of lower strength than face peels on body parts such as the chest, arms, legs and the back. This is to eliminate risk to the spine, joints or organs in these areas. These areas have a low density of stem cells (which expedite healing) unlike the face and because of this, are at a higher risk of scarring.

No more than 25% of your body should be peeled at the same time. This means one would need at least four body peeling sessions to cover the entire body. The length of time between sessions depends on the peel strength and your skin type but will last anywhere between one day to six.

It is advisable to sample your body peeling product on a very small spot on your skin- especially the chest area to ascertain suitability before applying to the first quarter of your body. This test will enable you ascertain your body’s reaction to the treatment and whether or not to continue its use.

For body peels, the best and safest body peeling products must be Jessner solution or have between 15- 20% of Salicylic Acid. This might cause some pigmentation issues in people with darker skin but then it’s only temporary so no need for alarm.
Glycolic (15- 20%), TCA (10%) and Lactic Acid peels are also great in light quantities so look out for such body peeling products. A lot of information on some of the best body peeling treatment can be found at the Homepeel website.