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Acne Facts and Myths – Expert Advice for Acne and Acne Scar Treatments

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From puberty, you have probably heard all sorts of instructions to follow if you want to avoid an acne breakouts. You probably also heard that adults don’t get it. Well, while nearly 100% of teens have suffered from acne (or pimples) at one point, you might not know that it also affects about 20% of adults between the ages of 20 to 44 and affects many others well into their 50s.

Here are a few myths about acne and the facts that can help you to prevent a breakout:

1.    Sunscreen aggravates acne: This is not entirely true. If you are prone to acne and use sunscreen that dissipates UV light through a chemical reaction (like Helioplex), you may get heat bumps. Avoid this and use a physical sunscreen that contains Zinc oxide instead.

2.    You can squeeze a pimple: Physically forcing acne off the skin by squeezing will remove it- and leave behind a scar you do not want. In other common cases, the pimple comes back bigger and more painful. Other health risks include inflammation.
Pimples must be left to ripen and then removed in properly. Homepeel has a Spot Remover Kit that has all tools to remove a pimple (acne) without risk of inflammation, scarring, etc. This is a must have kit for on the spot removal.

3.    Soda and chocolate cause acne (sugar): The jury is still out on this one. Studies have failed to link acne outbreak directly to the consumption of chocolate and soda (sugar). Some studies have however mildly related the consumption of milk (an ingredient in chocolate) to acne breakouts owing to the presence of bacteria and hormones in it. Kicking milk entirely off your diet leaves you without an important ingredient for bone health so perhaps you can consume moderately if prone to acne.

4.    Poor hygiene causes acne: This is not entirely correct. In fact, people at which this statement is often thrown find themselves washing their faces too many times and very aggressively each day. Truth is, very frequent washing of the face irritates and traumatizes the skin, causing inflammation and worsening of an acne breakout. It is sufficient to gently wash your face no more than twice a day with lukewarm water and mild cleanser. There is no need for abrasives and scrubbing. Plus stripping the skin of its natural oils too often can cause the skin to then try to replace it too much – ending up in too much oil and congestion occurs.

5.    Makeup causes acne: This one is not entirely true and actually, the right product actually helps stem acne. If you must use makeup but want to avoid proliferation of acne, avoid makeup that have mineral oil and those with thicker liquid foundation unless it is non-comedogenic. Instead opt for makeup whose foundations are powder-based. These powder-based foundations soak up the oils that could clog your skin and cause acne.

The belief is partly true that acne goes away on its own eventually but it will leave you with visible scars and all. It is safer to use acne treatments such as Homepeel’s range of antioxidants like Vitamin B Booster and other efficient treatment to ensure proper healing.