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A Chemical peel and the fact that most are actually natural

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The Chemical peel have traditionally been a go to technology for skin resurfacing which is a great tool in trying to combat man skin conditions. Most of the tine you will find chemical peels used for ‘cosmetic purposes’; meaning they are used to improve the look of your skin and making you look more beautiful in general. Another great use for chemical peels is to treat pimples and acne and blackheads. Chemical peels used to treat this conditions is great as it’s an amazing way to achieve skin resurfacing which in my opinion is the number one way to stop skin from becoming congested which of course causes the whole problem.

The idea of a chemical peel can sound a little harsh a instil fear and scary images in your head. The reality chemical peels are nothing of the sort. It’s just the word ‘chemical’ that can concern people. We live in a time when as a market we are becoming very educated regarding the consumptions of ‘chemicals’. We are learning more and more everyday about nasty chemicals that are hiding in products that we have been using for years without any idea that they could be doing us harm. Products that we use on our body, products we use in cleaning and even products we consume.

The truth is that we should be concerned about chemicals and how and when we use them. It’s great that we are finally getting educated about the use of them and we can now take control of how much exposure we get to them.

The flipside is that I have noticed that the idea of chemical peels is being judged a little harshly due to this new interest. As the MD of I get emails everyday with questions regarding our skin peels range. A question I get often is people wanting to know if the product is ‘natural’. This is a great question but it is also not that easy to answer as often I feel the question is not exactly understood.

We need to understand the difference between what a chemical is and what is natural. To me; it’s basically anything that is altered from its natural state can go from being in its ‘natural’ state to being a ‘chemical’. But the thing is that is not always a bad thing.

So let’s look at what use to achieve their chemical peel. Take the Green Herb Skin Peel kit for example – this product uses salicylic acid as the chemical peel.

A salicylic acid peel is a great choice for a number of reasons which we won’t go into very much depth here. One very important reason is that it is less likely to cause a break out. Breakouts are common side effects of skin peels.

Salicylic acid is made from white willow bark – which is literally what it sounds like; bark from a tree. White willow bark is also what we make aspirin from which is the mild option for pain killers. This is a very natural product so there is no reason to be concerned about it. It is strong, but of course you need your face peel agent to be strong, but it’s not designed to be used all the time. Our products the Green Herb Skin peel is designed to be used 3-4 times per year only. Which is perfectly fine, it’s the old rule – anything in moderation.

Another example of what you can make a chemical peel from is glycolic acid. A glycolic peel is derived from sugar cane – which is very natural.

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