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5 Natural Ingredients to Prevent Skin from Sun Damage

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Weather is an important part of how our skin looks. Contrary to popular belief, we are not any safer from the sun’s rays during cloudy weather as the sun’s rays can still penetrate through the clouds to damage our skin. Of course it’s much worse during the summer and people of fair complexion suffer the most from sun damage.

Not to worry though, as there are affordable and natural solutions to the problem. Presenting the 5 natural ingredients to prevent skin from sun damage:

  1. Tomatoes: Rich in the strong antioxidant lycopene, you can cut and apply tomatoes to your face as a facial on top of adding it to your regular meals. Tomatoes are very efficient in protecting the skin from sun damage. Regular use is highly recommended.
  2. Oils: Sesame oil, according to a 2011 survey blocks out up to 30% of the sun’s rays. Other oils such as peanut oil, coconut and olive oil block out up to 20% of the same rays.
    Sunflower seed oil is a wonderful source of beta-carotene, which makes the skin less sensitive to sun exposure while broccoli seed oil is known to protect the skin from free radicals.
    Other oils worthy of note and just as important are avocado, evening primrose and borage oils.
  3. Walnut extract: For those who like sun bathing or just can’t avoid being in the sun, walnut extract can just about help you go through the day without damage to your skin. Walnut extract is a very effective self-tanning agent with compounds that will effortlessly react with keratin proteins found in the human skin. The result is that colored compounds will be formed on the skin to protect you from UV rays.
  4. Vitamin E: Got from the right source, Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that is efficient in slowing the effects of sun damage and reduce skin roughness. It is advisable to apply it topically.
    Homepeel’s Vitamin E Booster is known to provide some of the best anti-oxidant and skin cell renewal properties so that there is little to no visible signs of sun damage.
  5. Green Tea: More powerful than often realized or credited for, a 2003 study on Green Tea discovered that there was a 65% less risk of catching skin cancer in people who drank green tea. Green tea can also be smeared against the skin to offer powerful protection against sun burn as it contains the same powerful antioxidants that protect your interior cells. As a bonus, green tea will increase your mental alertness too!

More natural ingredients worth a mention are salmon which contains omega-3 fatty acids, Homepeel’s powerful Green Herb Skin Peel which contains powerful antioxidants and is prepared from the finest herbs, Lemon juice which is combined with glycerine and reverses tanning, Lavender- a constant ingredient in many sun screen formulae and Rosemary which is rich in antioxidants.