Science has come a long way as far as skin peel solutions are concerned and the wealth of options available to us from which we can choose is admittedly unlimited. There are so many skin peels out there that it’s a wonder they aren’t yet free. As far as Homepeel goes, the green herb peel […]

You are likely familiar with Chemical peels, Lasers and Microdermabrasion- some of the best known skin resurfacing procedures out there. You likely also have a preference and all because you know what works best for you. In this article however, I wish to let your mind wander for a moment- getting the advantages and disadvantages […]

It is a question that perhaps few people have taken into account while choosing skin peels yet they then wonder why same said peels worked on Jackie and Linda and not them. Perhaps it would help to seek advice from a pro before making a choice- or perhaps more conveniently read through as we tackle […]

Melasma, a common but puzzling case of hyperpigmentation disorder (blotchy skin, light to dark brown macules on sun beaten body parts) which continues to disrupt the quality of life despite intensive research does have some remedies especially chemical peels which have registered some positive results in clinical trials. Since Fitzpatrick ckin types IV to VI […]

  Which skin peel is best for me? Comprehensive Skin Peel Guide Choosing which skin peel is best for you is not an easy task. Once you start researching it, you will find there are many to choose from. Please see below our Comprehensive skin peel guide. The guide is sectioned into three parts; Superficial (light) peels […]

How would you like to walk around this summer with no make-up on and feel confident? Have the sun shine its bright light directly onto your complexion and you wanting to show it off! NO MORE HIDING Drink 2 litres of water per day – Skin wont shine if its not hydrated from the inside Make […]

You may have noticed that Hollywood celebrities are ageless lately; the things that skin peels can do. You see, these days it is only the teen stars that we can see growing up, usually because they need a few extra inches of height. The grown- ups however are a different story. The use of skin […]

Skin peeling solutions are mostly known to be anti- ageing solutions but this is a misconception. There are other reasons why skin peeling or chemical peels can be useful. You have probably seen those tiny and annoying tiny black spots on yours or another person’s face many times and thought they are here to stay, […]

The perceptions of a Skin Peel can stop individuals from having this safe and effective procedure done. You may have your own idea of what a skin peel involves and you may have heard others talk about harsh chemicals and the damage it can cause. Below is a list of several myths and allows you […]

Have you considered a skin peel? If you would like to be able to look years younger and turn back the clock ten years and don’t feel you are yet ready or willing to have surgery, then a skin peel may be just what you are looking for! A skin peel is a procedure whereby […]

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